Boxing Games For Xbox One

Boxing Games For Xbox One

Do you want to add some really good Boxing Games On Xbox One? Well, there are a lot of good options so you don’t need to trouble yourself. 

Boys and men are usually obsessed over fights, especially boxing. Although they cannot indulge themselves in boxing in real, they still find it satisfactory even if they watch boxing or better if they are able to play boxing games. 

Xbox One offers a wide range of boxing or fighting games that you can play as much as you want. However, the issue comes when you have to choose the most appropriate games out of so many. 

If you want to get yourself some selectively amazing fighting games for Xbox One, then we are here to help you out with this. 

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Best Boxing Games For Xbox One

Here are some of the most popular boxing games for the Xbox One that you should give a try. Let us find out in brief about each one of these so that it becomes easy for you to decide which kind you are actually looking for. 

1. EA Sports UFC 3

EA Sports UFC 3 is not just a boxing game, but, in fact, it is a mixed martial arts fighting game that has been developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sprts. Conor McGregor, the popular fighter is the cover fighter of this game. 

The gameplay is quite similar to the previous installments of this series which were totally based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It is true to say that with respect to sounds, movements, and physics, the game has not been compromised at all and has retained realism, and is heavily endorsed by the cover athlete, Conor McGregor. 

In this installment of the game, the new thing added is the G.O.A.T career mode in which the path to greatness of the player is impacted by the choices one made throughout the career. The game is interesting and you would love to play it on your Xbox One. 

2. Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion is yet another boxing game that has been developed by EA Canada and was published by Electronic Arts. Released in the year 2011, this is the fifth and the latest installment of the Fight Night series. 

With respect to previous entries to this series, the game comparatively has a darker, a gritter setting. The animations are up to the mark and the player damage will realistically depict how brutal the sport of boxing is. 

This is a third-person fighter game and the control scheme of the game is all new to this series. The game uses the method of full-spectrum punch control which the players can use to throw on-screen punches by just flicking the right control stick of the game controller. This option will help eradicate the complicated manipulations that were required in the controller. 

3. Punch Club

Punch Club is a game that takes up the story of an anonymous boxer whose father Daredevil was killed at the time when he was a youngster. This son thus pledges taht he will continue his training to surpass all the boxers and at the same time, will also investigate the murderer of his father. 

The storyline is great, although the asthetics of the game are quite cartoony, yet, if you are interested in trying a wackier side of things, you will find the game really deep and complex. Not just the fights, you also have to take care of the hunger, boredom and tiredness of your boxer. 

4. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

This game was released in 2010 and is an update to Super Street Fighter IV. Since it is an update to the original version, although the characters in the game are same, each of them has received various tweaks which also include new EX moves as well as character balancing. 

You will also see the two characters Yun and Yang, the twin brothers taken from the Street Fighter III series. Even if it is not purely a boxing game, there is a player Dudley, who is specifically assigned for boxing, so you can take up this character if you are only interested specifically in boxing. 

5. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

 There is a range of up to twenty boxing characters out of which you can choose one to enter the ring for you. Every player has come up with a different background story and all of them have unique fighting styles. 

6. WWE 2K22

Here is another professional wrestling sports simulation video game that you would really like if you are too much into boxing. This is the 22nd installment in the WWE games series which makes it one of the newest boxing games for Xbox One. 

The game features Rey Mysterio as the cover superstar, and as a player, you will be able to play through the biggest moments through the WWE career of this outstanding wrestler. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the most popular and the best of all time boxing games available for Xbox One. No matter which one among them you choose to play, you will be delighted once you play the game. Share it with your other friends who also like to play boxing games on their Xbox One. 

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