Is Rocket League Cross Platform? 2 Easy Ways to Unlock

There aren’t many games described as “pure fun”, quite like Rocket League. It’s not hard to grasp. It’s like driving in a car; then you throw an enormous ball into the other goal, and the first team that scores the most points wins. This simple nature is what makes Rocket League such an excellent game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a brainwashed player with thousands of hours of record or prefer to unwind playing Animal Crossing; Rocket League is a game for everyone.

There’s something for everyone across all platforms as well. There are numerous advantages. Rocket League is a great game; its current success and continuous interest are most likely attributed to the cross-platform feature. In this article, we’ll be addressing the question “Is Rocket League cross platform?” As we go, we’ll also look at the drawbacks of crossplay and how these affect crossing progressions and cross saves.

Is Rocket League Cross Platform?

Rocket League indeed supports cross-platform games on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, along Nintendo Switch. Whichever platform you’re using, you’ll be able to play with your friends online. As with Call of Duty: Warzone players from all platforms are in the same queue for matchmaking; therefore, you’ll most likely play alongside players on different systems when playing online.


Contrary to Warzone and Modern Warfare, you don’t require an account on another platform to play crossplay. If you upgraded your game before February 19 in 2019, cross-platform Play would already be enabled. You have to create the game and play it on different systems.

Even though Rocket League is five years old, cross-platform support was unavailable last year. After Sony gave in to players who demanded the support of cross-platforms to Fortnite, Rocket League joined the crossplay beta of PlayStation.

How do I join to Rocket League cross-platform

Rocket League is an exciting and enjoyable free-to-play game, which is great to play with your friends. Certain players enjoy the competitive aspect of soccer, while others like playing with other players.

Players can play with colleagues across any platform because Rocket League supports crossplay as a default feature. If, however, the feature was removed by mistake, then it’s simple to return to cross-platform gaming.

Rocket League supports crossplay with Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles. PC gamers can play with other players who play on consoles via Steam and through games like the Epic Game store.

If you’re unable to play Rocket League with another player using a different console or device, it is necessary to turn on cross-platform Play via the menu. Start by opening Rocket League and clicking on the Settings option within the Main menu.

Once you’ve found the settings, go to the Gameplay tab and make sure you check the box that says Cross-Platform Play. This allows crossplay across platforms and random matchmaking on different platforms in online games.

Players can participate in matches against friends on other platforms or private lobby areas. If you’d like to join private lobbies to join with other players, simply click Play in the main menu, after which you can select private Match to start a new lobby. Everyone can join.

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