Brightspeed Customer Service – How to Contact?

It seems like you are using the BrightSpeed internet services at your home. Are the services working properly or do you have some issues with it? No Worries!! You can contact the BrightSpeed team in case of any inconvenience. 

Not every company provides you an excellent customer service. Are you facing trouble while contacting the BrightSpeed customer service team? Here, in this article, we will provide you with ways to contact them with ease.

You can contact the BrightSpeed customer service team either by making a call on their phone number or via live chat. 

What Is BrightSpeed?

BrightSpeed is a telephone operating company that provides internet and telephone services in Texas. 

You can rely on this company to provide a great and strong internet or Wifi connection for your home as well as for your business place. 

This is a genuine company but the experience of customers who are already using their internet services are dissatisfied with their service. 

Still, you can use their services and if the services are not satisfactory for you, then you can cancel them at any time by contacting their customer service team. 

How To Contact The BrightSpeed Customer Service Team?

With an overall rating of 1.2 stars based on the reviews of at least 34 customers, the services of BrightSpeed are disliked by the people. 

People contact the BrightSpeed customer service team and cancel their services. If you are also one of them, then here are some ways to contact BrightSpeed customer service. 

Contact BrightSpeed Customer Service By Calling

Luckily, the customer service support provided by the BrightSpeed is easy and smooth. The first and the most used way is to contact their team by calling their phone number. 

You can dial the BrightSpeed customer service telephone number at 1-833-MYBRSPD (1-833-692-7773). Get connected with their team on a call and explain your problem to them. 

Contact BrightSpeed Customer Service Via Chat

You can also get connected with their customer service team on Chat. You can find the Chat icon at the bottom right of the page on the BrightSpeed Website

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Click on it and a chat dialogue box appear in front of you. Enter your Name, choose “Existing customer” or “New customer” and tap on the “Let’s go” button. 

Your chat process will be started and you will be connected to the BrightSpeed customer service virtual agent on the chat. 

Contact BrightSpeed Via Social Media Help Communities

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BrightSpeed also assists its customers from their Social Media Platforms. You can get connected with their team on the following platforms- 

You can send a DM on any of the above Social Media platforms and you will soon get a reply from the BrightSpeed team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is BrightSpeed Customer Service Email?

BrightSpeed does not provide customer service support via Email. You can only connect with their team over the call or via chat. 

How Much Does BrightSpeed Service Cost?

BrightSpeed internet services start at just $50 per month.


We conclude that BrightSpeed provides you with excellent customer service support. You are just one call away to get connected with their team. In case of any internet connectivity issues, dial their number and get assistance from the BrightSpeed team. 

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