How To Fix Cant Hear Anyone In Discord? Methods For Easy Fix

Discord is a rapidly gaining in popularity chat tool that links millions of people worldwide. Recent updates to Discord have increased the number of features available and made helpful changes that will help you build your own community, especially its voice chat feature. But what if you cant hear anyone in Discord?

When utilizing Discord’s voice chat feature, you may occasionally find that you are unable to hear other users. If you are also facing the same problem, you might wonder, “How to fix this problem in Discord”? 

If you are having trouble hearing others on Discord, in order to use voice chat on Discord effectively, firstly check the connection between your headphones and microphones.

After properly checking your microphone, if your problem is not solved yet, we came up with some of the best methods to fix Discord’s voice chat problem. 

How To Fix Cant Hear Anyone In Discord? Methods For Easy Fix

We have total 7 methods to fix if you can’t hear anyone in Discord:

  1. Set the Legacy Audio Subsystem to on
  2. Your Default Communication Device should be checked
  3. Make sure your Input/Output devices are properly configured
  4. Refresh Discord
  5. Use Discord on the Web
  6. Change the Server Region
  7. Reinstall the Discord Client

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Method 1: Set the Legacy Audio Subsystem to on

Users occasionally experience difficulty using Discord’s most recent audio subsystem, which affects voice chat in a number of ways. To fix this, you must switch to your operating system’s historic operating system.

  • Open Discord Client
  • Click on the Login Settings link directly next to your user details
  • Switch to the Voice and Video tab and then locate the Audio Subsystem Section by scrolling down
  • You have to choose Legacy from the section of the drop-down
  • When it’s done, select Okay to make the changes
  • You may configure the window by clicking the Esc button in the upper right corner.
  • The voice chat room needs to be joined to test your hearing abilities

Method 2: Your Default Communication Device should be checked

  • Bottom right of the taskbar, there is a volume icon on the icon tray, you have to right-click it.
  • Sound settings can be chosen from the context menu
  • In the Related Settings Area of the right side pane, Click the Sound Control Panel option
  • Choose set as Default Device from the set default menu by clicking on your audio device. The device icon ought to have a green checkmark next to it
  • Select set as Default Communication Device from the same menu by clicking on your audio device once again

Method 3: Make sure your Input/Output devices are properly configured

  • Launch the Discord Client
  • Click on the User Settings
  • Open the Voice and Video tab
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate Input device and Output device.

Method 4: Refresh Discord

In order to address little problems and bugs, Discord occasionally needs to be forced to update or refresh itself. You may accomplish this by simultaneously hitting your keyboard’s Ctrl and R keys. The program window will automatically restart, check for updates, and download the required files to upgrade to the most recent version.

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Method 5: Use Discord on the Web

If the client doesn’t seem to be working for you, you may still visit Discord on the web.

  • Any web browser you have installed should be opened
  • Type into the URL box and hit enter to get to the official Discord website.
  • Click the button to launch Discord on your browser
  • The Login button is located in the top-right corner of the page if you already have an account there. If not, you may register by doing as instructed on-screen and providing a username
  • Once you have entered your login details, click the login button

Method 6: Change the server region

Changing the server location has been discovered by some users to resolve voice call-related difficulties. Ensure that the server is set up for the region where the bulk of the voice call participants is situated. Of course, only server owners have access to this feature.

  • Choose the server options.
  • Find the Server Region
  • Select “Change” from the menu
  • Choose an appropriate region
  • Select “Save Changes”

Method 7: Reinstall the Discord Client

If your problem is not resolved by these methods, then the only last method for you is reinstalling your Discord. Delete the previous one, and install the Discord Client in the proper steps.

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These are the only methods you have to do to fix hearing problems Discord. So anytime you can’t hear anyone in Discord, you can try these methods, I am damn sure that any one of these methods will definitely work for you. I hope every method is understandable and straightforward. Do comment if any of the methods worked for you in the comment section.

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