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Have you heard about this new Pokemon In Pokemon Violet called Ceruledge? This Pokemon has some hidden abilities that can influence the gaming experience. We will unlock the hidden abilities of Ceruledge.

Pokemon is a very famous game and is played worldwide by millions of people. The reason for its popularity is that the games keep on adding new Pokemon with better qualities and abilities that excite the gamers.

In this Article, We will be discussing the brand-new Pokemon, Ceruledge, its qualities, and its hidden abilities to make your gaming experience much easier.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have recently dropped two new Pokemon named Ceruledge and Armarouge. They both are incredible, but Ceruledge is better as it is a Fire and Ghost Type Pokemon and can be very beneficial in the game.

Ceruledge is a brand-new viral exclusive Pokemon that has the Internet going crazy over its incredible designs. Ceruledge is the only Fire-type Pokemon to have access to Shadow Sneak. Its height is 5’3’’ and its weight is 136.7 lbs.

What Are The Hidden Abilities Of Ceruledge?

You must be aware of the qualities and the abilities of Ceruledge to play the game more efficiently and to defeat the opponents. Let us have an overview of the hidden abilities of Ceruledge:

  1. Flash Fire

Flash Fire is a very significant ability of Fire-type Pokemon, Ceruledge. When Flash Fire is activated, the Pokemon will be immune to any fire-type moves. It also increases its power by 50% and the Fire-type moves will be much stronger. You just need to use the ability properly by understanding it, to defeat your opponents.

  1. Weak Armour

Ceruledge’s abilities in a battle are impacted by the use of its Weak Armour ability. The defense and speed increase and decrease respectively when it gets hit by any physical move. The Pokemon could potentially outperform opponents by enhancing their speed and defensive weakness.

  1. Bitter Blade

Bitter Blade is the signature move of Ceruledge and it deals with the damage. This move also increases its power by 50%. It is a fire-type move and it restores the HP of the users up to half of the damage.

  1. Shadow Sneak

Shadow Sneak in Pokemon is the ability of the Ghost-type Pokemon that benefits the Pokemon by increasing priority moves. It means that when A pokemon attacks their opponents their attacks will be before others. This type of move is very effective against the Ghost-type Pokemon.

People’s Reaction and Reviews On Ceruledge

Below are some of the reviews of the Pokemon Users:

  • Some people loved the appearance of Ceruledge.
  • People loved their design and added Cdruledge to their team.
  • Some wish that it was steel type rather than the fire type.
  • A person described Ceruledga as child-friendly edginess.
  • People find it much cooler than the Armourage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Signature Blade Of Ceruledge?

The Signature Blade of Ceruledge is the Bitter Blade.

Is Flash Fire or Weak Armour Better For Ceruledge?

Both abilities are great for Ceruledge, but the proffered one is Flash fire as it helps to gain immunity.


This was all you need to know before getting started with defeating your opponents with Cderuledge. The abilities of a Pokemon serve as a source of imagination and inspiration to people beyond the gaming world.

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