Here are the Best Console for Racing Games

Are you a fan of racing games and looking for the best console for racing games? Your search ends here, we have managed to look out for the best consoles.

There are a number of gaming consoles available out there in the market and it becomes a bit difficult to choose one among them.

If you are a gamer from a particular genre, then you should buy the one with the most number of games of your Genre. But finding out which console has the games of your interest is quite hectic, but you don’t have to worry about this.

In this article, we will be talking about the best consoles for racing games. You can choose according to your budget and needs.

The top consoles for racing games are:

In the past, there were just a few consoles available for gaming and the gamers had to buy them only, but today in the market there are a decent number of consoles available to choose from.

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  1. Xbox Series 

For the best racing games, the Xbox Series is the best choice. It has the best racing games available in the market. PCs are widely available to the public and so is Microsoft windows. Most people’s journey starts with a PC and then only they switch to the consoles. 

Developers on the Microsoft Xbox do have a pretty good understanding of consumer behavior because of their time-long presence starting with integration with Windows and providing Xbox on PC, where users can enjoy high-end PC games on their High-end laptops or Computers. 

Xbox has a higher number of Racing games than any other gaming console in the market with games like Forza Horizon 1/2/3/4/5, Asphalt series, Project Cars series, Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally 2.0, Dirt 5, and many more. 

If you are a racing lover then you can go for the Xbox Series. The Xbox series comes with consoles with different specifications like Xbox Series X, Xbox 360, Xbox Series one, and Xbox Series S, Where Xbox series S and X comes under the fourth generation and are the latest ones. You can find the differences and specifications between the two series below.

SpecificationsXbox Series XXbox Series S
CPU8-core 3.8GHz custom Zen 2 CPU8-core 3.6GHz custom AMD 7nm
GPU12 Teraflops @ 1.825 GHz with custom RDNA 2 GPU4 Teraflops @ 1.56 GHz
FRAME RATE4K/120Hz Upto 120fps
RESOLUTION4K UHD with Dolby Vision1440p along with 4K upscaling
AUDIODolby AtmosX
PRICING52,990 INR29,899 INR 

You can choose from above any of the variants according to your gaming needs and your budget too. They come with the latest technology for memory, storage, CPU and GPUs.

  1. Playstation Series

Another option that provides you with some of the best racing games is the Playstation series with the latest games available on the Playstation 5. You can choose from PS4, PS4 Pro, and the latest PS5.

Top racing games like Gran Turismo 7, WRC 10, F1 2021, Wreckfest, F1 2022, Art of Rally, and many more. You can enjoy all these top-end games on the new PS5. You can consider buying a PS4 too if you don’t care that it is an older one and might get discontinued as it is already in Japan.

The PS5 gets the upper hand in case of gameplay resolution as it supports up to 8K@60fps, which is quite impressive but you will not get Dolby Vision or Atmos support as it is the Xbox Series X.

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Here are all the specifications of the new PS5.

CPU8- core 3.5GHz, AMD Zen 2 based
GPU10.28 Teraflops @2.23GHz
FRAME RATE 4K/120Hz & 8K/60fps
AUDIONo Dolby Atmos Support

The Xbox series X and PS5 are pretty similar, the only difference is the games you can play on these consoles. You can buy one of these and can also buy both if you have a sufficient budget. They will provide you with the best experience you ever had before.

There is a Nintendo Switch console too, but it doesn’t have many racing games and also has limited battery life and limited specifications. It should not be a good option for heavy gaming. If you want an immersive racing experience then you must go for the Xbox and Playstation consoles.

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