Conversation Games For Two People

Are you looking for some fun conversation games for two people that you could play with your best friend or your better half? Well, there are a lot of such games that will surely catch your interest and will become your best way of a pastime when the two of you have nothing to do.

It is true to admit that life sometimes gets boring even if you are with the person who is closest to you all day. At such times, it is necessary to indulge yourself in some interesting activities and games that would refresh your mind as well as strengthen your relationship. 

The best thing that you can do is play games with your other half, as this will surely make it far easier for you two to get along with each other and in fact, know each other better than before. 

There are several conversation games for couples that they can try to enhance their relationships and get a better understanding of each other. If you also want to try such games then we will let you know in this article. Just keep reading. 

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Best Conversation Games For Two People

Here are some of the most exciting conversation games that two people can try playing and enjoy having leisure time with each other. 

1. Fact And Fiction

If the two of you are yet to know a lot more about each other, then this game is a good choice for you two that will let you discover more truths about each other while not leaving behind the fun. 

What you have to do in this game is, you have to share two statements about yourself, one must be a truth while the other must be a lie.

Now, your partner has to correctly guess which of the two statements you mentioned is true while the other is not. 

If your partner guesses the statement right, then you will have to take a shot of booze(of course, the game is no fun if there is not a bit of booze!). 

If your partner fails to guess the correct statement, then they will have to take a shot of booze.

2. This Or That

This is another fun conversation game for two people that you can try with your friends or companions and learn more about them through the game.  

You do not need anything to play this game, except that there are two people participating in the game. 

You just have to think of common preferences that you have to define by two different choices, for instance, beach or mountains, ice cream or chocolate, dogs or cats, cinema or Netflix, and so much more. 

So what you have to do is make two options and ask your partner as to which one of them will they consider over the other. 

The game is nothing about winning or losing, it is that it will just help you to know a lot more about what your partner prefers helping you to gain a better understanding of them. 

These types of games are best to be played when you are thinking of something to start a conversation with them. As you keep asking these questions, follow-up questions will automatically come up helping you move your conversation further with them. 

3. Would You Rather

Here is another interesting conversation game for two people. The game is mainly for adults who can play this with their partners for hours and enjoy their time with each other. 

What you have to do is to create some interesting, weird, and crazy scenarios in your mind and ask your partner which one of the two things will they prefer to do. 

It is completely up to your imagination of creating scenarios that how much fun and exciting the game will be. 

Conversation Games For Groups

It is not possible that you will be just with only one person, sometimes, you also need to know some interesting conversation games that you can try when hanging out with a group. So here are these, let us know how to play. 

1. The Alphabet Game

This game is the best choice when you feel a need to break the ice when you are in a silent group. 

The group will first decide on a topic altogether over which they are going to talk. The topic can either be in the form of a statement or a question. 

Then each member of the group will tell something about the chosen topic one by one. And the conversation has to take place in alphabetic order. This means, that when someone made a contribution to the conversation, the next letter of the alphabet of that conversation will be used as the beginning letter of the upcoming statement or question. 

2. Ask Me Anything

In this game, you will need either a paper and pen or a mobile phone, as you will need to keep the scores while playing this game. 

So, there will be a game master who will decide how many times each member of the group will have to contribute to the conversation. 

All the players will sit in a circle and the game master decides that the game will end after each player has taken three turns. 

Everyone has to make a conversation with a question and this way the players will keep taking the turns to answer. Each player who will answer with the statement will be given a point as a penalty. 

At the end of the game, the player who has got the most points will be given a punishment that would be collectively decided by the whole group. 

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Wrap Up

Now you have some interesting conversation games for two people with you, and you can play them whenever and wherever you wish to. Share with your best buddy and ask them which one they would like to play first.

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