Do Baseball Games Get Cancelled For Rain?

Baseball is unquestionably a sport that many people enjoy, and in my opinion, it is by far the best. While I don’t mean to imply that people don’t enjoy the other sports, when it comes to which sport would rather watch mostly be people, then baseball consistently tops the list of sports with the exception of cricket.

As you know that there are many sports game which gets canceled because of rain like cricket. Is the Same go with baseball games also? Do Baseball Games get canceled for rain? Let’s talk about it.

In simple words, we can say, “Yes”. Baseball games can get canceled for rain. What is the main reason for that? Well!! Baseball is a sport that demands clear conditions. On a damp field, it can be unsafe for players to run on and the gameplay becomes challenging.

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Apart from this, there are so many things that you need to know about baseball games and the other reasons for game cancellation. You will get to know everything in this article.

Why do Baseball Games Get Canceled For Rain?

In baseball, a rainout can result in a number of different results for a game, including cancellation if the weather is deemed dangerous to both players and fans as well as suspension or delays in the game if the weather is bad before the game even starts.

What is Rainout in Baseball?

When a baseball game is postponed because of rain, then it is known as a “Rainout in Baseball”. Basically, the baseball games will usually continue if there is light or moderate rain, but they will only get canceled if it rains heavily. 

If at least four and a half innings of a game are not played, then it is a “Rainout” (if the home team is leading). Five complete innings must be completed for the game to be considered “official” if the visiting team is ahead.

Reasons why baseball isn’t played in the rain

  1. Heavy Rains Ruins the Infield: As the heavy rains occur, the infield area gets spoiled, making the place unsafe for players to play.
  2. Rain Often Comes With The Lightning Strikes: When it rains, then lighting also occurs in some cases. Then, by looking at the safety of players from lightning strikes, the umpire will call for a rain delay.
  3. The Baseball Becomes Slippery: When it starts to rain, the baseball also gets wet and slippery, which hampers control. Players are therefore unable to retain a firm grip on the ball, which leads to poor gameplay.
  4. Bat is harder to grip: Similar to baseball, players also face problems in holding a bat.
  5. General Player Safety: It includes thunder or lightning, slippery field area, limited visibility, and unplayable conditions due to heavy rain.

What are the Baseball Rain Delay Rules?

Here are the rules for baseball rain delays:

  • The manager of the home team makes the call over whether or not to postpone a game due to rain or other bad weather before the game starts.
  • In the major league baseball postseason, only the MLB’s commissioner’s office has the authority to decide whether a game can be played.
  • When inclement weather approaches, the umpire is required to wait at least 75 minutes before deciding whether the game may be resumed. The term “Rain Delay” more accurately describes this time period.
  • All players are taken off the field of play by the umpires during these rain delays, and the home team grounds staff swiftly covers the infield with a tarp. 
  • If the game is postponed before the start because of rain, then the game will be organized up to a later date and time.

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Common Names For a Rain Delay in Baseball

  • Rain Stopped Delay
  • Rainout
  • Washout


We can say that Rain prohibits baseball from being played. Although the organization makes an effort to schedule games in cities with little rain, it is impossible to totally exclude the possibility of rain. Every time, it rains during a baseball game, there is a rainout, and the ground is covered with a tarp to prevent damage. So, cancelation of baseball games during rain is a good idea.

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