Does Playing Video Games Burn Calories?

What do you do to burn calories? Push-ups, Squats, Lunges? All these workouts are good but require more physical work to perform. What if I tell you now you can also burn calories by playing video games. Don’t believe me?

Check out this ultimate fitness gaming experience where you will find the exact number of calories burned by playing games. The list of games include Fortnite, Fifa, Elden Ring, Apex Legends, and more.

Does Playing Video Games Burn Calories?

Yes, according to various studies, it has been shown that playing video games burns calories. There’s a platform called Betway, which allows players to win prizes and money by playing video games, has also mentioned that gamers actually burn calories while gaming. You will see the list of games that burn the most calories. If we talk about those games, Fortnite covers the first position where the average calories burned is 194 CALS, and the maximum number is 554 CALS. The second game is Fifa, with 189 average calories and 580 maximum calories burned.


However, is it good to burn calories by playing video games? Well, playing video games all day is not a good option. But at the same time, there’s no doubt that video games help a person in improving cognitive abilities and multi-tasking ability.

In fact, the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study of 1,400 players from 65 nations found that gamers are 21% more likely to be healthier than the general population. The study also found that players who play esports consume less alcohol, smoke less than people of average age, and are also significantly more active.

Can You Lose Weight Playing Video Games?

Gaming can help you lose weight. Gamers can burn 472 calories during a 2-hour session, which is equivalent to doing 1,000 sit-ups. Playing video games is usually regarded as a leisure activity, but a recent study has shown that gaming could actually help you lose weight.

Is Playing Video Games A Good Thing?

The positive outcomes that video games have are many, including improved memory and problem-solving abilities to better social and mood. Even though those who don’t participate in video games might argue that gaming can make you lazy, damage your brain or affect your social life, the fact is, video games actually provide a wealth of physical, mental, and social advantages.

Do Video Games Improve the Brain?

Researchers found that playing video action games can increase the amount of gray matter within the brain. It also strengthens the network in the brain. This is connected to hand-eye coordination as well as multisensory temporal processing abilities.

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