What Beats A Persian In Pokemon Go – 5 Best Counters For Persian

After adding so many pokemon to their list, many players are now focusing on catching Persian in Pokemon Go. Before catching the Persian, you just need to know first, What beats a Persian in Pokemon Go so that you are well prepared when you enter the battle with this Pokemon?

If you are seeking the greatest strategies to defeat Persian in pokemon go then you have arrived at the ideal place. This article will show you how to defeat it by taking advantage of its type of vulnerability.

Before beating Persian, it is important to know what its weakness is. So, by taking advantage of its weakness you can defeat it easily. Let’s understand it in more depth.

What Beats A Persian In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, you can defeat Persian by knowing about its weakness. Persian is referred to as a Normal Type Pokemon, so it is weak to the fighting type moves. According to this, it only defends against Ghost-type attacks and only sustains extremely potent damage from Fighting-type moves. You can use fighting-type pokemon in front of Persian to defeat it.

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Tips To Defeat Persian

There are 5 simple tips that you can use to defeat Persian in Pokemon Go.

  • CP (Combat Power) Advantage
  • Use Move Types Persian Is Weak Against
  • Use Pokemon & Moves Of The Same Type For More Damage
  • Choose The Best Type Of Pokemon
  • Use High DPS Movesets for Max Damage

Tip 1: CP (Combat Power) Advantage

To fight with the Persian, select that pokemon whose CP is equal to or higher than the Persian. In a battle, the subsequent moves won’t be as crucial if your CP advantage is high enough. Up to 1539 CP can be assigned to Persian.

Tip 2: Use Move Types Persian Is Weak Against

You can increase your damage output in battle by taking advantage of Persian’s weakness. It is weak to fighting-type moves. In fighting moves, its damage rate increases by up to 1.25%.

Tip 3: Use Pokemon & Moves Of The Same Type For More Damage

Another thing you can do to get more damage to Persian is to use the same pokemon with the same type of move. For example, if you use Bulbasaur with a grass move against it, it will cause damage up to 25%. As Bulbasaur is the same pokemon as the same type it is using.

Tip 4: Choose The Best Type Of Pokemon

To inflict more damage to the Persian try to utilize pokemon types that Persian moves are not very effective against rather than staying away from pokemon types that Persian moves are very effective against.

Persian Moves that are super-effective against these types of Attacks

  • Feint Attack- Ghost Move, Psychic Move
  • Night Slash- Ghost Move, Psychic Move
  • Play Rough- Dark Move, Dragon Move, Fighting Move
  • Power Gem- Bug Move, Fire Move, Flying Move, Ice Move

Persian Moves that are not effective against these types of Attacks

  • Feint Attack- Dark Move, Fairy Move, Fighting Move
  • Scratch- Rock Move, Ghost Move, Steel Move
  • Night Slash- Dark Move, Fairy Move, Fighting Move
  • Play Rough- Fire Move, Poison Move, Steel Move
  • Power Gem- Fighting Move, Ground Move, Steel Move

Tip 5: Use High DPS Movesets For Max Damage

You can deal a lot of damage in battle by making use of Persian’s type weakness and with your own pokemon’s STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). If the ideal Pokemon & Moveseta are applied, Persian will be defeated fast. 

What Are The Best Pokemon Go Counters For Persian?

As Persian is weak in fighting moves. So the countermeasure listed below are excellent choices:

  • Lucario: Counter and Power-up Punch or Aura Sphere
  • Machamp: Counter and Cross Chop or Dynamic Punch
  • Conkeldurr: Counter and Dynamic Punch or Focus Blast
  • Rhyperior: Mud Slap and Stone Edge or Rock Wrecker
  • Tyranitar: SmackDown and Crunch or Stone Edge

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It’s simple to defeat Persian in Pokemon Go due to its lack of stats and potent attacks. Persian is only there to play the part of a wicked leader’s pet in the game. Not only with fighting moves even Ghost-type quick strikes can be frightful to Persian. You can check the types of fighting fast moves above in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Persian vulnerable to ice?

They should become proficient in counterattacking quickly to deal with Persian. Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice, and Dark Pokemon are all destroyed by this high DPS move’s about 13 per second

Why Tyranitar comes lower under the list of best pokemon go counters for Persian?

Tyranitar ranks lower on this list since one of its weaknesses is being subjected to attacks from fairies. Persian employs a technique called “Play Rough”, which is a fairy-type attack that can harm Tyranitar appropriately.

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