Elden Ring: How To Dupe Runes (Duplicate Glitch)

Are you trying for a duplicate rune using Elden Ring? Follow this tutorial to find out how you can duplicate the glitch.

Being able to duplicate or Dupe Runes with the help of duplicate runes, Elden Ring can make the game a breeze for players. This is because of running. The more you own that you have, the more you are able to increase your level and purchase or upgrade your shields, weapons and much more.

This makes you stronger and faster and makes some bosses a stroll in the park. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, continue reading this article to find out more about the glitch that causes duplication.

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How to Dupe Runes in Elden Ring

Dupe or duplicate runes within Elden Ring by dropping your objects off, giving them to your friends, and restarting the save files. While this is a simplified description of the procedure, here are the precise steps to follow for it.

  1. Backup your save
  • PC: The default location of your save file should be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata. Save the file, then save it to a location where you can keep it safe.
  • PlayStation Navigate to Settings and then select Saved Data Management. There, select Saved Data and then Cloud Storage. After that, you upload you’re saving to the cloud using PS+. It is recommended to have the auto-upload feature disabled to save files when you’re using this bug.
  • Xbox Shut down the Xbox game and save your data.
  1. Remove the items
  • Bring Your friend in and join your gaming as well. Drop your possessions.
  • You can ask them to take those items.
  • Close the game and then load the save files. Xbox players must minimize the game and not save since it will automatically save and overwrite the previous save.
  1. Reload your save
  • PC Copy your saved game in the above file location and start the game.
  • PlayStation Navigate to Settings and Download your Save File from Saved Data Management.
  • Xbox Click on Elden Ring and then select manage Game. This will delete your saved information from your console. Don’t erase this data from the cloud. Then restart the game to connect your saves from the cloud.
  1. You can stack these items: Whether you drop consumables, such as Golden runes, or drop weapons or armours, you can stack them up. You can repeat steps 1-3 to build up upon the objects. Each time, you switch between the person who dropped the items and the player who is the one to pick them up.
  2. Once you’re done, you can eat the food items or trade them in for the Runes.

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This is all you have to do to complete the glitch of dupe runes. This guide is for educational purposes. There is a possibility that FROM SOFTWARE could exile players from playing the use of this technique. If you’re willing to risk it, then be comfortable doing it.

This guide will provide information about how to duplicate the runes within Elden Ring (Dupe Glitch). If you enjoy this game, be sure to go throughout our Elden Ring Section for assistance in areas such as boss guides, locations, and more.

Diablo Immortal: Temple Of Namari Dungeon Walkthrough

Here’s your guide to completing this Temple of Namari Dungeon in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal keeps players on their toes regardless of whether it’s because of good reasons or anger. The game requires players to complete different quests while they explore the Sanctuary. A method to advance to the next level is doing dungeons in various ways. One of them is that of the Temple of Namari Dungeon in Diablo Immortal. This is your guide to conquering this Dungeon.

How to Complete the Namari Dungeon in Diablo Immortal

To be able to complete the Dungeon, players must first go to”the final summoning to complete the Bilefen storyline. It is part of the seventh quest in the storyline. The quest will require you to defeat Sargoth, the boss who will be the final one. Sargoth in the aftermath of defeating three random sub-bosses first. Here’s how to make it to the boss:

First Section

In this section, you’ll be able to walk through one corridor.

  • This will take you to a large room that is sealed by a fog gate. fog gate
  • Be able to defeat them. Skeletal Warriors and Archers in the Hall of Fame
  • The blockade will be lifted in the near future.
  • Now, you will be able to see Namari located in the middle of the next room.
  • Speak to Namari
  • 2 waves of Skeletons are now appearing from the ground.
  • Make sure you’re vigilant when dealing with Skeletal Mage as well as the Skeletal Marauder.
  • Besiege the Skeletons as well. Namari will take away this mysterious barrier.

Second Section

This is where you’ll be able to find 3 Skeletal Magistrates.

  • The Mages can summon any monster of all kinds.
  • Disrupt this summons as the initial step.
  • This will take away the magical mages’ protection.
  • Leave fast; they’ll burst into the blue flames after they die.
  • After you’ve dealt with them, you can go after the monsters summoned

Third Section

The chamber will be identical to the room that was previously used that was used by the mage.

  • These mages are harder to manage, but
  • The mage there will be outfitted by shields that render them unstoppable.
  • Then, kill every one of the summoned demons within the middle of the ring in order to remove the shields.
  • After you’ve been able to remove the zone, Namari will open the entrance to Sargoth’s cave.

How to Defeat Sargoth in the Temple of Namari

Here are Sargoth’s most important abilities Sargoth that you should be aware of:

  • The Nephalem Warriors Summon – By using the ability, Sargoth can summon up to four ADDs who will join in the fight.
  • Missiles of Fire One of the AoE attacks in which he’ll shower blue flame projectiles down.
  • Freezing Spikes – This is yet another variant of the AoE attacks. This time, he’ll create and break two spiked orbs during the game.

The best method to take on him is to remain close to Sargoth when you attack his head with your weapons of mass destruction. When he launches his AoE attack on you, you must immediately get to the side of the road. We also suggest working in a group of at least two players so that you can go through the Dungeon, and fighting this boss gets much easier.

What is the Mini-bosses Sargoth summons?

Below are all the possible minibosses Sargoth invokes from Diablo Immortal.

  • Coldsnap, A boss, can cause an ice-related injury by raising his mace and slamming it on a specific area.
  • Siegebreaker – This boss comes with an attack that throws players in the air and inflicts some serious damage the player is struck.
  • Ashen Marauders There are three marauders Sargoth employs. One of them has an ability to spin, another has a spin ability, one comes with an attack that is a Dashing attack, and the third one can throw projectiles with homing abilities on the player. Beware of this three-in-one boss as you attempt to finish your quest to complete the Temple of Namari Dungeon.
  • Fallen War Matron is A miniboss you’ll need to be wary of. Be sure you’re not stationary in one spot in the event that its four-quadruple slamming assault is aimed at you.
  • The Torrid One The miniboss can be attacked from behind or on the side, as its fierce rings are dangerous.
  • Predaciousness – This undead boss can put out hazardous poison Puddles, which make it very difficult to defeat.

If you defeat three of them in a row, you’ll need to take on Sargoth.

This is your guide on how to finish this Temple of Namari dungeon in Diablo Immortal. If you’re looking for more tutorials on the same subject, look at this guide for the best way to finish your quest. Clearing the Cobwebs bounty.

Stardew Valley: Should You Choose Mushrooms Or Bats?

Do you have a question about whether you should include bats or mushrooms in your home at Stardew Valley? Here’s everything you should be aware of.

After you have moved onto Your Stardew Valley farm, you’ll be able to select what kind of product the cave in your farm can produce. This is a cave located at the uppermost part of your property. In this cave, you’ll be able to select which way to fill the cave.

It is possible to grow mushrooms or fill your cave with bats which will drop fruits. It can be a difficult choice; however, that’s the reason we’re here to help. In this guide, we’re going to take an in-depth review of each type of cave as well as which one is better. We will first examine how to open the cave that is used for farming.

How To Unlock The Farm Cave

To gain access to the cave of the farm, it is necessary to already have earned at minimum the amount of 25,000g. Before you can earn this money, the cave will be empty. You’ll still be able to visit the cave. However, the cave won’t be producing any kind of product.


In the morning, after you have earned the 25,000g reward, Demetrius will visit your farm. In front of the farm Demetrius will discuss using the cave to conduct his research. He will provide you with the possibility of choosing between bats or mushrooms.

After you’ve made the decision that you have made, you won’t be able to change it. That means you’ll remain with the cave-type.

Fruit Bats In The Cave

If you decide to fill your cave with fruit bats, you’ll likely observe a variety of fruit on the cave’s surface every day.

The rate of spawning for fruit is contingent on the quantity of fruit in the cave. If, for instance, it is not occupied, there is a 48% likelihood of new fruits produced. The chance decreases to 25% if there’s only one fruit in the cave, 13% when two fruits are in the cave and 7% when you have more than 3 fruit in the cave. All in all, it is important to take fruit every day so that you have a better chance of finding more fruit.

Below, you will discover all the fruits and also their chance of falling and their selling prices.

FruitChance to SpawnSell Price (Normal Quality)

Cherry 3.6% 80g

Pomegranate 3.6% 140g

Peach 3.6% 140g

Apple 2% 100g

Orange 3.6% 100g

Spice Berry 20% 80g

Apricot 3.6% 50g

Wild Plum 20% 80g

Blackberry 20% 20g

Salmonberry 20% 5g

All the fruits mentioned above can be found in any season. While the fruit is likely to be available during certain times of the year, this does not apply to the caves of the farm.

In addition, the quality of fruit can vary from ordinary to gold. If you are a Botanist job and you are a Botanist, all fruits are of iridium grade. This can increase the price at which you can sell the fruit.

Growing Mushrooms In The Cave

The choice of mushrooms can turn the cave into a mushroom-growing zone. There are six bins to choose from that require approximately one or two days for the growth of mushrooms.

The growth of mushrooms is contingent on when you fall asleep. If you go to bed later, the mushrooms will grow faster. For example, If you go to bed around 2 am, then the mushrooms will have growing by 12:40 the next day.

If you go to bed earlier than 6 pm causes the mushrooms to expand over two days. To increase yield, try going to sleep later in the daytime. You will get more mushrooms and also have more time to wander around and tend your farm.

There are five types of mushrooms that are listed below, as well as their rates of spawning and prices.

MushroomChance to SpawnSell Price (Normal Quality)

Common Mushroom 69.8% 40g

Red Mushroom 12.3% 75g

Purple Mushroom 2.5% 250g

Chanterelle 7.3% 160g

Morel 8.1% 150g

As opposed to fruit found in the cave of the farm, all mushrooms you discover inside the cave are of good quality.

Which One Is Better?

Which one should you select? Let’s first examine the advantages of having an indoor mushroom cavern.

Every single mushroom (except Chanterelle) Chanterelle) is utilized in the bundle to benefit the Community Center. The majority of these species are scarce as well. By having a mushroom cave, you’ll be able to find rare mushrooms for bundles without waiting for the season to come around.

In addition, all of the ingredients to make The Life Elixir could be grown inside the mushroom cave. The Life Elixir is a specially-crafted product that can completely bring back your health and 200 energy. It’s a great item to use when exploring caves, and it has a retail cost of 500 grams. It provides a huge amount of energy and health. However, when compared with the iridium products of a certain quality is not as efficient.

The cave of the mushroom is an excellent source of the items required for bundles. If you are planning to do lots of mining and cavern exploration, then the mushroom cave can be an abundance of materials to make your Life Elixir.

The cave of the fruit bat has many advantages of its own. Like mushrooms, all the fruits that you can find inside this cave (excluding Salmonberries) are needed in bundles to be used for to be used in the Community Center.

Fruits make an excellent gift for the villager too. It is an item that is loved by everyone. If you have a constant supply of fruits can help you to build a stronger bond with the locals.

Selling fruits can be an effective source of cash; however, once you’ve got many fruit trees on your property and the cave is outdated. Instead of waiting for an orange to bloom or bloom, you can plant a few trees of orange.

Which is the most effective? It will depend on the things you wish to pay attention to while working on your farm. Below, you will discover the type of playstyle each cave is best suited to.

Mushroom CaveFruit Bat Cave

  • Completing The Following Bundles:
    • Fall Foraging
    • Dye
    • Exotic
    • Field Research
  • Crafting Life Elixirs
  • Offering Rare, expensive mushrooms (great cash-making opportunity)
  • Completing The Following Bundles:
    • Artisan
    • Fall Foraging
    • Summer Foraging
    • Enchanter’s
  • Gifting Villagers Fruit

Overall, you’ll benefit more from the mushroom cave. The mushrooms will fetch more money and grow continuously if you go to bed at 6 hours. With enough fruit trees, you’ll be able to make up for the fact that you did not choose the cave for fruit bats.

The decision is ultimately up to you, however. Pick the one that feels right for you! You’ll benefit from both cave choices as well, as there isn’t a ‘right one.

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