Fallout 76 Vintage Alcohol Locations

Looking for vintage alcohol in Fallout 76 for making other alcohol recipes and selling them in your vending machines? Then you must first be aware of the Fallout 76 Vintage Alcohol locations for this. And guess what, we know where this item is located, and we are more than happy to share the locations with you as well. So, are you ready for this?

Finally, vault 76 opened up after 25 years of the Great War and now the residents have to repopulate the Wasteland. Yes, we are talking about the game Fallout 76, this amazing action role-playing game that follows a storyline and is played in multiplayer mode. There are several items that you get to find within the game, including alcohol as well. 

One of the best Fallout 76 vintage Alcohol locations is the Whitespring Resort where you will find the train station vendor. Among many other vendors is the one that carries a few variants of alcohol and deals with these drinks. Moreover, the Sons of Dane compound is also a good location to look for alcohol. There are many other locations as well that you can check out for this purpose. 

If you want to know about all the Fallout 76 vintage alcohol locations then this is the right place because here you will get your answers. 

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Fallout 76 Vintage Alcohol Locations

Alcohol is an important item in the game Fallout 76. It can be consumed by the players if they find it in the game and there are several stat buffs that it provides the players with on consumption. 

The stats that can be increased with the help of vintage alcohol in Fallout 76 include Charisma, Perception, Strengths, Luck, and many other similar stats, however only on a temporary basis. 

But, there is also one downside of consuming alcohol in Fallout 76, which is the decrease in intelligence that happens as soon as you drink alcohol in the game. 

The variety of types of alcohol in Fallout 76 is wide, here is a list of all the types of alcohol that you can find throughout the game. 

1. Beer

2. Pickaxe Pilsner

3. Old Possum

4. Bourbon

5. Wine

6. Whiskey

7. Vodka

8. Rum

Apart from these, there are a few other variants as well that you might get to consume on your journey in Fallout 76. The ones we mentioned above will mostly be found on your journey across the open and wild world of Appalachia in the game. 

As for the locations, here is a map viewing all the important locations where you can find different types of alcohol in Fallout 76, you can check these locations out. 

Fallout 76 Vintage Alcohol Locations

For a better idea, we also want to let you know some important locations where you can head to if you want to be assured that you will get alcohol. 

The first place is the Whitespring Resort. There are many vendors at this place and one of them is the alcohol dealer who usually carries with him some variants of alcohol, so you can find that vendor to get alcohol from him. 

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Apart from this, you can also go to the Sons of Dame compound to find alcohol for your character in the game. 

Furthermore, the players can also go to the bars and pubs in the game that are abandoned. There are chances of finding alcohol at such places, however, the best place to get alcohol in large amounts is to go to the vending machine of the other players. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you know all the important locations for vintage alcohol in Fallout 76 and you won’t find it difficult to collect some of that for yourself in the game. So, go ahead, head to these locations we mentioned, and increase the stats that alcohol multiplies for your character. If there is any other thing you wish to find in Fallout 76, you can share it with us so that we can help you out with the same. 

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