Family Games For PS4 In 2022 You Must Play

Family time is as important as any other work and what can be a better way to have fun with your whole family than playing some interesting family games for PS4? But how to decide the right game? Don’t worry, we have already filtered out the best choices for you, so you just have to read and find out. 

PS4 supports a wide range of games, there are certain games that you can play alone, some are the games that can be played with friends, while, there are also many games that can be played on PS4 with your family members. 

The best family games for PS4 are:

1. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

2. Just Dance 2022

3. Overcooked! And Overcooked! 2

4. Minecraft Starter Collection

5. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

6. Skylanders Imaginators

7. Rocket League Collectors Edition

Keep reading the article if you want to know in detail about these best PS4 games for family. 

Best Family Games For PS4

Here are the best family games on PS4 that you and your family are going to love playing together no matter how many times. 

1. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Family Games For PS4 - Sackboy: A big adventure

This is a 3D cross-generation video game on PlayStation 4 that you can try with your family. The game can be played in co-op mode with up to four players at once together. In fact, there are some extra unique levels available only in co-op mode. Pass through the levels while looking for as many collectibles as possible while facing some challenges filled with extreme thrill and dangerous enemies. 

You can purchase Sackboy: A Big Adventure on Amazon for $39.22.

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2. Just Dance 2022

Family Games For PS4 - Just Dance 2022

It is going to be great family time with your daily dance routine with the game Just Dance 2022 on PS4. team up with your family members and engage in dance until you are drenched in sweat in Just Dance Unlimited Sweat mode. The game is best to engage little children in dance choreographies in the family. 

You can purchase Just Dance 2022 on Amazon for $19.99. However, this is one of the PS4 family games free of cost for the first month which is taken as a trial period. 

3. Overcooked! And Overcooked! 2

Family Games For PS4 - Overcooked!

It is time to get into the kitchen with the whole of your family of four. Overcooked! is a great co-op game for having a good family time where all the members will require to cooperate with each other in preparing dishes and cleaning the plates. From chopping the vegetables to serving them in different kitchens, all the tasks have to be completed. 

This game is a great way to test as well as improve the coordination among the members of the family, so, you should not miss this one. 

You can get Overcooked! + Overcooked! 2 on Amazon at just $24.95 for your PS4. 

4. Minecraft Starter Collection

Family Games For PS4 - Minecraft Starter Collection

Okay, so if you have a large family and are frustrated after looking at games that do not allow more than four players, then here we have Minecraft Starter Collection where up to ten players can play together at once. The game also supports cross-platform, so just gather all the family members and get set to play Minecraft where you will have great fun. 

Get Minecraft Starter Collection at just $29.99 on Amazon with a thirty-day free trial at first. 

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5. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Family Games For PS4 - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Looking for a racing game to play with your family? Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is the best choice, where you get to opt from various game modes. You can choose the character you want to play, you can choose the track on which you want to race, and also the controls and weapons in the game. Let’s see who among all the family members hits the finish line first. 

Purchase this game for just $28.99 from Amazon. 

6. Skylanders Imaginators

Family Games For PS4 - Skylanders Imaginators

It is time to enter into an epic adventure with your family. In this game, you can create Skylanders of your own just as you want them to be like using the Imaginite Creation Crystals. There are ten battle class types that you have to use and defeat the enemy Kaos as well as his minions. Gear up with your family and mark your victory over the opponents. 

7. Rocket League Collectors Edition

Family Games For PS4 - Rocket League Collectors Edition

This collection consists of all the DLC games and can be played on a split screen with up to four players at a time, while eight players can compete in the online mode. There are three modes in the game namely the Exhibition mode, the Unfair mode, and the Full Offline Season mode. 

You can personalize the vehicle in all ways possible and can make uncountable combinations, so, you can design a new vehicle every time. Not just this, the controls of the game can also be customized. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the most exciting and interesting family games for PS4 that all the family members can indulge in playing and have a great time together. See for yourself which of these games suits the best the choice of your family members and play it on your PS4 family game night.

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