Far Cry 6 Best Sniper Rifle

The snipping has always been a strength of the Far Cry Franchise. Despite the seemingly limitless array of tools and weapons at your disposal, sniper rifles are some of the most enjoyable weapons in the game.

In Far Cry 6, there is a huge variety of sniper guns. But some of them are significantly superior to others and more worthwhile of the cost.

In Far Cry 6, sniper rifles are crucial since they let you kill enemies from a distance and keep you unnoticed. Make sure you are employing the most effective sniper rifle for the task.

Now comes a question “What is the Best Sniper Rifle in Far Cry 6”? Here in this article, you will get to know some of the best sniper rifles for Far Cry 6.

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Far Cry 6 Best Sniper Rifles

  • MBP .50
  • SVD
  • EI Tirano


One of the most straightforward but dependable sniper rifles in this game is the YARAN SR-A. It is a very balanced weapon with good stats for all of its characteristics. It also has one of the largest magazine counts among sniper rifles in Far Cry 6, with a capacity for ten shots. For the majority of the game, the SR-A will be the preferred long-range weapon.

The Sagrado Checkpoint on Isla Santuario, east of Clara’s Camp, is where you may find the YARAN SR-A.


For all types of gameplay, the MBP.50 is regarded as the greatest sniper rifle in Far Cry 6. This weapon’s enormous range and superior precision make it ideal for silently eliminating adversaries. This weapon excels in taking out opponents in a single shot. It might be time to move to the MBP.50 if you are having trouble with adversaries and armored vehicles.

Features of MBP.50

  • Can be upgraded with mods
  • Has different ways to obtain it
  • Great rate of fire
  • Good damage output
  • A powerful sniper rifle once upgraded


The SVD is a very maneuverable sniper rifle with very minimal recoil. Additionally, it offers a semi-auto mode that enables rapid shooting. Players may affix a silencer to make it of the deadliest and most potent weapons in the game, and they can even add armor-piercing bullets for lethal headshots against enemies wearing helmets. The Guerrilla Garrison is one of the three main campuses or Juan’s Arm’s Dealers is where you may purchase the SVD.

Features of SVD

  • You can modify the weapon.
  • Very little recoil
  • Powerful when modified
  • There is no reload in between shots

EI Tirano

The EI Tirano is an outstanding sniper rifle that is a special variation of the MBP.50, however, it comes with fixed attachments that cannot be changed. Look no further if you want a sniper rifle with a long-range. The EI Tirano has a great range and makes it simple to hit foes wearing helmets in the head.  It can be retrieved with a grappling hook at the end of the port from the crocodile-engraved luggage at the top of the lighthouse.

Features of EI Tirano

  • The only unique sniper rifle with armor-piercing rounds
  • Has a great range
  • Has a better range than the base MBP.50

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Sniper rifles are among the best weapons in video games, as is obvious to you now. The most pleasant gaming experience is when you shoot an enemy in the head from a distance.

So, by choosing the best rifle you have more chances to win in Far Cry 6, as it adds strength to your gameplay. Here you will get to know about the 4 best sniper rifles in Far Cry 6, but MBP.50 is the most powerful sniper rifle in Far Cry 6.

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