Lost Ark Arcanist: What is the Arcanist class?

The Arcanist advanced class is all set to arrive in Arkesia in July 2022, and she will be equipped with various special cards. These cards will help her use a variety of different special effects and her magick to get the job done. It doesn’t matter how messed up the situation is because Arcanist has something in her inventory, such as moves to slice enemies up or throwing cards to call powerful magick attacks. She will be the third advanced mage class after Bard and Sorceress. There is a lot of anticipation behind this class, and this article features her skills in cards and key mechanics to get a better idea about whether this class is for you. 

Class identity and Key mechanics 

To help you understand the skills of the Arcanist better, skills are divided into three categories, including normal skills, ruin skills, and stacking skills. Normal skills can quickly refill the specialty meter of the Arcanist while dealing damage at the same time. Stacking and ruin work as a single skill to launch high damage dealing attacks on enemies. Stacking attacks will build up to four stacks on enemies while ruin skill consumes those stacks for better effect. Need to buy upgrade material for Arcanist but short on Lost ark gold? Buy it from MMOpixel at the best price.  

To some players, these skills will be enough to deal with most of the content in Lost Ark, but sometimes you need something extra, and that’s where her card deck skill kicks in. With each attack, it fills the card meter of Arcanist, and a card will be drawn automatically when the card meter is filled. These cards can cause some devastating damage. You can store only two cards in the deck at a time and can use them by tapping on the “Z” or “X” keys on the keyboard. You can find the list of all the available Arcanist cards below. 


  • Three-Headed Snake Card – Launches a basic attack to deal 100% damage to common enemies while four times extra damage to lower enemies and earns one stack 
  • Mayhem Card – Increase the attack speed by three percent for thirty seconds and resets when the attack speed boosts hit fifteen percent 
  • Twisted Fate Card – Increase the damage from skills by forty percent for four seconds
  • Corrosion Card – Increases chances to deal ten percent extra damage to enemies by thirty percent for thirty seconds
  • Ghost Card – Increase movement speed by twenty percent and decrease damage dealt by enemies by fifty percent for sixteen seconds
  • Cull Card – Increase critical of all attacks by a hundred percent while the crit damage by fifty percent for four seconds
  • Balance Card – Gives you an extra stack when you deal damage to the enemy within the next thirty seconds
  • Judgment Card – Ruin skill use four stack effect for four seconds even if the actual number of stacks is low
  • Moon Card – Increase MP recovery speed by twenty percent and decrease effect cooldown time by ten percent for thirty seconds
  • Star Card – Recovers a hundred percent of MP when used 
  • Wheel of Fortune Card – Decreases the cooldown time of the next skill by a hundred percent 
  • Royal Card – Automatically fills all the remaining card slots 
  • Emperor Card – Deals damage to enemies within a radius of fourteen meters depending on engravings


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For now, Arcanist offers two unique class engravings to take the character to a whole new level. One engraving is called “Order of the emperor,” which uses normal skills to enhance the card deck, build the deck meter, and automatically add the emperor card to the deck for some extra damage. The second one is “Empress’s Grace,” which focuses on the stack-building aspects of the characters. It increases the damage dealt by ruin abilities with four stacks. To help you use more abilities, it recovers MP at the same time.  

Order of the Emperor

  • Level 1 – Adds an emperor card to the deck while dealing ten percent extra damage. Fills fifty percent of deck meter with normal skills. 
  • Level 2 – Deals twenty percent extra damage along with the above-given effects. 
  • Level 3 – Deals thirty percent extra damage and regains fifty percent of deck meter.

Empress’s Grace

  • Level 1 – Deal twenty percent damage with four stack ruin attack, and a successful hit will recover thirty percent of MP 
  • Level 2 – Deal twenty-five percent damage with four stack ruin attack, and a successful hit will recover thirty percent of MP
  • Level 3 – Deal thirty percent damage with four stack ruin attack, and a successful hit will recover thirty percent of MP

Best Arcanist Skills 

Normal Skills 

  • Call of Destiny – Launches enemies into the air by dealing damage twice with cards.
  • Unlimited Shuffle – Hit enemies six times with a stack of cards to deal damage. Also deals damage once by throwing enemies into the air and twice by hitting them to the ground. 
  • Return – Launches a counterattack and deals damage by throwing a card. Slams enemies on the ground by using the skill again to deal some extra damage. 

Stacking Skills 

  • Quadra Accelerate – Inflicts damage by throwing cards at the desired location four times.
  • Scratch Dealer – Strike downward and deal damage by moving towards the location of the target.
  • Spiral Edge Leap – Move seven meters closer to the target and deal damage by throwing a card.
  • Dancing of Spineflower – Moves eleven meters closer to the target within three seconds and throws various cards at the same time. Deals six times more damage and you have to use the skill again to return to your original location.

Ruins Skills 

  • Celestial Rain – Deals damage with a rain of cards at the targeted location. Lifts enemies into the air to slam them to the ground. 
  • Four of a Kind – Deal damage by throwing a card at the desired location. Triggers the stack effect of dealing stagger damage. Use MMOpixel and upgrade the Arcanist class from level one to level 50 in a day.  

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