How To Find Grahm Fallout 76? 7 Confirmed Places

Even after a lot of bad reviews, there are many people who are interested in action games. They still prefer to play Fallout 76. What if I tell you that owning Grahm in Fallout 76 can decrease your chances of a bad experience in this game?

Yes, exactly Grahm is a super friendly mutant of this game, that will definitely enhance your gameplay and leave you with a memorable experience. So, if you are thinking to play this game, then Grahm should be your friend. For this, you need to know, how to find Grahm Fallout 76.

There are many places where you can find Grahm. But there are 7 places where you will definitely find it. The places include Overseer’s Camp, New Gad, Flatwoods, Point Pleasant, Fissure Site, Grafton Steel Yard, and Pumpkin House. 

If you are serious about finding Grahm for your game, then you need to know about the exact locations of these places where you can find it, which we have discussed briefly and clearly in this article.

How To Find Grahm Fallout 76?

If you have ever played Fallout 76, you may have seen Grahm, a really fantastic creature that is well-liked by the community, but whose aggravating trait is that it takes so long to find him after the first or second encounters. But there are some ways to swiftly find him and his routes. 

You have a simple trick from which you can find his general location. Make him talk about the location when he starts speaking after the song has ended. He is close to the Nuka Cola Factory when he says “BIG SODA BOTTLE IN DISTANCE”.

While exploring the specific area of Appalachia, there are numerous chances to come across Grahm. There are now 7 confirmed places where he might be. GameRevolution deserves credit for this:

  • Overseer’s Camp: This region should eventually be encountered by every player, however, in case they get lost, they can find it in the southeast of Vault 76, next to the river.
  • New Gad: This is the town that was flooded and is now buried beneath Summersville Lake. It is off Route 87, directly south of Summersville.
  • Flatwoods: Located at the junction of Routes 59 and 86, to the south-west of Overseer’s C.A.M.P. You will be unable to miss the enormous Green County Lodge sign on the approach road, so you will know you are in the correct place.
  • Point Pleasant: Located off Route 88. If you know where Motham Museum is, it will be simple for you to locate this place as well. If in doubt, simply follow the wide river along the left side of the map until you get to the first bridge you come across.
  • Fissure Site: Located in the map’s Savage Divide Area. Follow the train tracks through the mountains, past the Greenbrier Hotel, and you will eventually come to an ancient power plant as you leave the Top of the World ski resort. You will have gone too far if you continue past this point.
  • Grafton Steel Yard: On the game map’s North. It is located next to the Pioneer Scout Outlook tower on Route 61. When you reach Grafton Dam in the South, as if heading away from the observation tower, you have passed it. The vehicle has passed the bend in the road.
  • Pumpkin House: Located in the East, just outside of the area known as The Mire. Right adjacent to Vault 94, which is immediately off to the road where Route 66 and Route 98 split off.  

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Is There Any Simpler Method To Find Grahm?

Checking Grahm’s preferred locations is the greatest place to start if you are seeking him. These are typically areas where there are plenty of people or where there is a lot of activity. Keep a look out for any hints Grahm may have left behind once you have located one of these locations. These might include stuff like Grahm’s paw prints or his favorite meal. 

Check the areas close to electricity sources if you are still having problems finding Grahm. Graham prefers to be among areas with a lot of energy. This may include locations like power plants or generators. Once you have located a location with a lot of energy, search for Grahm’s hints.

Last but not least, you can try asking people from the same area if they can see Grahm if you are still unable to find him. He is a kind creature who might have left some information that can direct you to where he is.

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I hope you find these sites useful in locating Grahm and his journey in Fall Out 76. After having so many bad reviews and issues, this is the only game that a lot of people all around the world love to play this action game. So, if you also want to give it a try this time, finding and getting Grahm adds extra benefit to you in this game. So, never missed an opportunity to find it. Go through these locations and find Grahm now.

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