Fix Gmail App Keeps Crashing Problem:

While the app is frequently updated, some bugs are present in the latest update due to this Gmail App keeps crashing. Gmail App keeps Crashing. You may have noticed that other apps crash on your phone or cease to respond on your laptop or PC. Gmail will also stop responding, and you don’t have to worry about it.

You can use several solutions to resolve your Gmail App that is frequently crashing. A few solutions are listed below. Check at least two out.

Before we move on to the solution, we need to know why Gmail App keeps Crashing.

  • Your memory on your device may be damaged.
  • Instability and weak connection to the internet connection.
  • The old version of Gmail.
  • Unfavourable Gmail settings.
  • Even disabled Dark themes can trigger the Gmail application to shut down.

Now Let’s Look at the Solutions for Gmail App to Keep the Crashing Issue.

1. Clear Cache and Data:

One reason for the Gmail app’s crash could be the data in the cache that has been stored and collected over time. Unused data could cause the app to be unstable and frequently crash.

So, if your Gmail application is constantly crashing, the first action to perform in the SOS is to clean the data and the cache.

To remove cache and data from the Gmail app on an Android device, follow the steps below;

  • Go into Settings, click on Apps, then click on Gmail.
  • Select Storage, then below that, click on the option to clear all Data and Clear Cache.
  • Once done, Restart your device.
  1. Uninstall the Gmail Application:

A flawed update may also be the reason the Gmail App keeps Crashing. In these cases, the most straightforward fix you can attempt is removing the Gmail application and re-installing it.

The most appealing aspect of the method you choose to use is it doesn’t lose any information or data. Furthermore, the servers will be updated automatically when installing the Gmail application.

  1. Sign-in and Sign-Out:

Another way to resolve the issue with your Gmail app crash is disconnecting all Gmail accounts. Re-login after a few minutes and check if the problem disappeared. To sign out from your Google Account;

  • Go to your options option.
  • Choose from the Accounts as well as the Sync option.
  • If you are under the Accounts and Sync option, select Google.
  • There is an option to delete your account in the lower right corner. Select it to be removed from your Gmail account.
  • To sign up, go into the Gmail app and log in just like you would normally.

Gmail is the email service Google offers is among the top downloaded and frequently used apps on phones and computers. It’s unlikely that anyone would not use the Gmail application installed on their mobile. The email service Google offers is one of the numerous other services.

The best part is that Gmail is now an integral aspect of everyday life. Whatever other mailers we use and we always return to Gmail. Serving a broad audience and an easy-to-use interface make it a favourite.

These steps should stop your Gmail account from going down.

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