Games For Long Distance Relationships

Do you want to make your time easier with your partner when you two are away from each other? The best thing you can do is try some interesting long distance games for couples. 

It is quite hard for all the romantic couples to stay together all the time. Most of them have to part with each other to pursue their career or jobs. At that time, it gets difficult to maintain your relationship as there is sometimes a lack of interest or unliveliness. 

If your long distance relationship has started getting boring with each passing day, you should try some ideas that will bring the interest back to both of you, and the best thing is to play such games together that will not just help you both indulge with each other, but also give you a better understanding of your partner. 

There are a few games for long distance couples online that they can play with each other and spend their time virtually. If you want to know about these, then keep reading. 

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Best Games For Long Distance Relationships

Below are listed some of the games that you can definitely try with your long distance partner when you do not find anything else to talk about so that you can still maintain sweetness in your relationship. 

1. Truth Or Dare

You must have played this game in your school days, but have you ever thought of playing it with your better half who is living far away? If not, then now is the time that you try it. You can also give some nasty tasks to each other in dare while video chatting with each other. It will surely be fun for the both of you. 

2. Never Have I Ever

What if you are not together, you can always have a toast to each other one videocalls, and this will become far better if you add a game to your drink, or say, add a drink to the game. 

Prepare some questions for each other beforehand and ask them if they have done certain things ever in their lives, and they will have to take a shot of booze for each thing that they say they haven’t done until now. This will also help you know better about your partner. 

3. Charades

This is another one of activities for long distance relationships that you can try. Both of you will take turns one by one, one of you will act out a movie, song, or a TV show, and the other one will have to guess it write. You can have fun with your partner while playing this game and looking at each other. 

4. Send Mystery Pictures

Now this is going to be realy interesting. You can send the pictures of some objects in a way that they are not identifiable at one or two looks. They have to guess which object is in the picture. You can add intimacy and naughtiness to the game by sending a picture of your body part and asking time to guess what it is. 

5. 20 Questions Game

This is a texting game that you can try with your partner who is away. In this game, one of you has to think of something, the other person has to guess that thing, they can ask only 20 questions to figure out the thing, and the answers to the question should only be in a Yes or a No. 

For example, you can ask them if they are thinking of a part of body. And they can tell if this is true or not. In this way, you have to figure out the thing in their mind within the answers to your 20 questions. 

6. Fill In The Blank

You can see how much you and your partner know about each other by simply putting up fillups in the texts, for example, you can ask them, my favorite ice cream flavor is _ _ _ _ _. And see if they really know or not. Even if they don’t know, this will help them find out things about you that they might still haven’t taken note of. 

7. This Or That

If you want to know about each other’s priorities over things, you can try this game with your long distance partner. You can ask them what would they choose among two things, such as, pizza or burger, beach or mountains,Ice cream or chocolates, and just like that, and find out what they like more and see how many of these things do you both choose in common. 

8. Chess

You can also try playing an intellectual game, like chess, with your long distance partner online. There are various online chess applications that let you play with anyone in any part of the world. 

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Wrap Up

There are many more things to do for long distance relationship, but playing these games is the best of all. You can try each game every other day when you feel like it is getting difficult to keep the conversation going, and keep nourishing your relationship with each other this way. 

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