Will WWE 2K23 Be CrossPlatform?

WWE 2K22 was a huge hit and received largely excellent reviews due to its amazing graphics and vastly enhanced gameplay. Now people are eagerly waiting for the WWE 2K23 release date and want to know will WWE 2k23 be Crossplatform.

The WWE brand has expanded and now provides fans with one of the world’s top digital wrestling experiences. As, we discussed earlier that WWE 2K22 is not cross-platform, but despite this WWE 2K22 got a lot of appreciation. But still, players want the developers of this game to enable cross-platform functions in it.

After WWE 2K22, everybody is eagerly waiting for WWE 2K23 with hope. When will the WWE 2K23 released? And the main question that is stuck on every player’s mind is “Will WWE 2K23 Be CrossPlatform”? 

Well!! Not so much clear with our information, but still whatever information we know, now you will get in this article. 

Will WWE 2K23 Be CrossPlatform?

Well!! We do not know the exact answer now, but the information on the crossplay feature to include in WWE 2K23 has not come yet. So, now from our side, the answer is “NO”. As of now, it is not announced that the feature of crossplay will be added to the WWE 2K23.

When Will WWE 2K23 Get Released?

It’s hard to forecast when WWE 2K23 will be released. WWE 2K21(canceled) and 2K20 were released in their respective years in October, while WWE 2K22 was published on March 8th, 2022. Keeping this thing in mind, we predict that WWE 2K23, maybe gonna released in March 2023. 

Will WWE 2K23 Has Been Officially Confirmed?

WWE 2K22 has exceeded expectations in terms of performance. Every day since its March release, it has been in the headlines. The creators believed that another season of the same game might succeed spectacularly. So, they officially confirmed that WWE 2K23 will be released next year with more new updates, and more interesting features, that will truly amaze their fans.

Platforms That Will Support WWE 2K23

Keeping the platforms of WWE 2K22 in mind, we also guaranteed that WWE 2K23 will also be supported on the same platforms. There is the list of platforms:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X and Series S

What Will Be The Price Of WWE 2K23?

WWE 2K23 is anticipated to have the same pricing as the last game, with the standard edition costing $59.99 on the Previous Gen Platform (PS4, Xbox One, and PC) and $69.99 on Next Gen Platforms (Xbox Series X/S and PS5).


There is currently no information indicating that WWE 2K23 will support CrossPlay. However, many players have demanded to include the CrossPlay feature for WWE 2K23. Also considering how common CrossPlay is in other games, it’s possible that WWE 2K23 may eventually include CrossPlay functionality. But as of now, there are no such updates from their developer’s side. As soon as we find that out, we will update you too.

What is a CrossPlay?

When you can play the same game on several platforms that are entirely different from each other, it is referred to as Crossplay. So, even if you and your friends have different gaming consoles, you will easily be able to play that game.

Can you play WWE 2K22 CrossPlay?

No, CrossPlay is not available for WWE 2K22. As a result, PC gamers won’t be to play with friends who own Xbox or Playstation consoles.

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