Is Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Crossplay?

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid has set records for the first game with cross-play on up to 5 major platforms, which is the highest number of games. It means that players can play against one another in Online multiplayer across any device regardless of whether they’re playing on similar platforms or not.

Players have been longing for the possibility of playing with their friends online on any platform for some time and it appears that developers and publishers are working more than ever to meet the request. 

The two companies Ubisoft as well as Blizzard have indicated a desire to incorporate cross-play features in their top PVP games in the near future. And even the previously obstinately opposed PlayStation has begun to include the feature in PS4 since the beginning of October. 

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It appears it’s even Power Rangers are not only participating in cross-platform gaming and taking the lead to make sure that friends are able to play together, no matter the system they are playing on.

The official Twitter account of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid proudly revealed that the game will be the first title in the world of fighting with full cross-play support on players on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Google Stadia a couple of days ago, following the announcement of the fact that Battle For The Grid will be available on Stadia beginning on the 1st of June. 

This isn’t an easy accomplishment, given that cross-playing has been known to create issues with netcodes online in fighting games. This could result in connection delays however the developer nWay Inc’s simple tweet indicates that they’re confident about getting around this issue.

Although initially criticized at the time it was released in 2019 , due to the absence of information, Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid has gained popularity slowly with fans thanks to a variety of post-release expansions, such as the single-player story mode that is based on Boom! Studios.

The highly-acclaimed Shattered Grid crossover comic event and a variety of additional characters span the popular Power Rangers franchise’s 27-year period. In March, the Game was introduced to the Xbox Game Pass’s collection of games for free, growing its fan base more.

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So, it makes sense for the team of Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid to seek to ensure that more players are able to enjoy the game together through cross-play support and it’s also remarkable that they’re in a position to do this on multiple platforms. 

You wouldn’t think that an obscure Power Rangers fighting game to be able to achieve this level of excellence and it’s undoubtedly a big move to ensure that gamers can play online with their online friends, regardless of whether they share the same gaming console or platform.

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