How To Get Espeon In Pokemon Go 2022?

If you are planning on finding an Espeon, you must also be aware that it is one of the eight evolutionary forms of the famous Pokemon Eevee, right? Today we shall let you know in detail how to get Espeon in Pokemon Go after which it will seem quite an easy task to you. 

To get Espeon in Pokemon Go, you need to evolve the Eevee Pokemon that belongs to you. Now that an Eevee can also transform into any of the other seven forms, you need to take a few measures, first, you must walk a certain distance with Eevee to collect candies, and the evolution should take place during the day. This seems a bit confusing, right? Don’t worry we have a lot more for you. 

In the game Pokemon Go, there is only one special Pokemon that can be transformed into eight entirely different forms after its evolution, of course, we are talking about Eevee here. One of these forms is Espeon which comes under the category of Psychic Type and thus it is resistant to the Poison, Ghost, and Fighting Type Pokemon.

If you also wish to possess an Espeon in Pokemon Go, then this guide will greatly help you out with all the doubts roaming in your mind. 

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How To Get Espeon In Pokemon Go?

Let us first understand where an Espeon Pokemon comes from. Well, Espeon is a Psychic Type Pokemon that is formed as a result of the evolution of Eevee. 

If you don’t know yet, an Eevee can be evolved into eight different forms, here are these:

1. Vaporeon

2. Umbreon

3. Leafeon

4. Jolteon

5. Flareon

6. Glaceon

7. Espeon

8. Sylveon 

This says it all, the probability of obtaining any of these Pokemon after evolving Eevee is only 1 in 8, and the same goes for Espeon, thus, it is important to know a little more about what measures you can take to increase your chances of obtaining an Espeon after an Eeveelution. 

So, first of all, you have to get an Eevee of your own. Then, make this Eevee your buddy in the game after which you have to walk with it.

Before choosing the Eevee that you are going to evolve, you also need to check its Individual Value as well as its Combat Power. If it is low, then you cannot expect the right evolution. 

So, tap on the Pokemon icon present next to your Trainer’s Portrait on the screen and then click on the “Swap Buddies” option for selecting Eevee. 

Once you have made Eevee your buddy, you need to walk with it for at least 10 km and collect about 25 Eevee candies. These candies are necessary for the evolution process to take place. One more important thing that you need to remember is that you should choose the daytime for executing the evolution if you want to increase your chances of getting an Espeon. 

Because if you evolve Eevee during the night, there are more chances that the Eevee will transform into an Umbreon, so, do not make this mistake if you really want an Espeon. 

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How To Get Espeon In Pokemon Go Using Naming Trick?

The above method of evolution is not much promising about getting you an Espeon after evolving Eevee in Pokemon Go, however, there is a way that can assure that the only Pokemon that your Eevee would evolve into is going to be an Espeon. 

This is referred to as the Eevee Nickname Trick. The only limitation of this trick is that it can be used only one time on a particular Eevee throughout the game, so, if you have already used this trick on your Eevee, you won’t be able to do that again. 

But, if it is your first time then you can go ahead with the process. So, all you have to do is collect the required candies for the evolution process, but, right before you perform the evolution, you have to change your Eevee’s name. You can do this by clicking on the Pencil icon present next to your Eevee’s current name. 

Then you just need to edit the Eevee’s name to change it into “Sakura”. Once you are done, you can perform the Evolution process after which you will see that the resultant Pokemon is Espeon, the one that you needed. 

Wrap Up
Since we have explained to you all the possible methods on how to get Espeon in Pokemon Go, we don’t think you will now find it difficult anymore in evolving your Eevee into an Espeon. In fact, if you get a hold of all the possible names of Eevee, you can get whichever form of this Pokemon you want in the game which is really not a big deal.

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