7 Fun Games Like Club Penguin

The virtual world of Club Penguin had a massive range of fun activities and online games. The player can take the avatar of a Penguin and play in an icy world setting. The games were basically designed for children and the game features, accordingly. The players also had access to buy clothes, other house products, and pets known as Puffles through the game currency. 

Club Penguin had an open world to explore and great fun games to enjoy. The gameplay was simple and so was the storyline. If Club Penguin was one of your favorites and you want to play more games like Club Penguin, then we have selected and presented some of the bests for you. 

Following are some fun games like Club Penguin           

  1. Poptropica
  2. Habbo 
  3. Animal Jam
  4. Moshi Monsters
  5. Wizard 101
  6. Fishao
  7. MovieStarPlanet

Read the details of these fun games and enjoy playing them if you want a genre shift from brutal battle games. 

7 Best Games Like Club Penguin

  1. Poptropica
best games like Club Penguin- Poptropica

A role-playing game especially focusing on children, Poptropica enhances children’s development through games. The games in Poptropica consist of various problem-solving elements in the game quests. The player goes through various hurdles during the game missions and must pass them to reach their objective.

The players can also collect items and interact with several other characters to complete tasks. There are numerous islands for the players to explore with each island having unique and distinctive quests and goals you must finish. Finishing the goals will provide them with credits to use in the Poptropica store. 

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  1. Habbo
best games like Club Penguin- Habbo

A platform for young adults, Habbo allows users to customize their own characters, create their own games, and even keep and care for their virtual pets. There are also numerous quests for the players to compete in. 

The game allows you to create guest rooms and act based on role-playing. The users of Habbo are able to create their own games by buying stuff from the in-game shop and can also access games created by other users. Enjoy your own adventure with the role you choose to play. 

  1. Animal Jam
best games like Club Penguin- Animal Jam

Similar to games like Club Penguin, Animal Jam provides great entertainment and learning abilities to children. Animal Jam includes various mini-games, a good amount of puzzles to solve, and adventures with social interactions. It is also a great opportunity for children to learn about animals. 

The player can even customize their own animals which the player can later use and move with. Other than animals, players are also allowed to customize their own house as they wish with various objects of desire. You can attend parties, buy stuff, and set out on several adventures.

  1. Moshi Monsters
best games like Club Penguin- Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is an amazing role-playing browser game for children. The game provides users with about six virtual pets. The users can create these pet monsters and even name them. These pets can then be used to move around Monstro city and the players can take on challenging puzzles too. 

By winning these challenging games, players can obtain in-game currency “Rox” for various customization. Moshlings are the pets owned by the monsters and they too come in various themes. You are permitted to keep about two pets if you are a non-paying member, however, paying ones can keep up to six. 

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  1. Wizard 101
best games like Club Penguin- Wizard 101

The game is for magical children who live for spells. Set in the fictional Spiral universe, the players control the wizards of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. The game initiates when the wizards choose a school of their liking and each consisting of their own unique spells. 

The schools are Ice, Fire, Life, Storm, Myth, Death, or Balance. The gameplay includes fights with casting spells between two teams. Pips are required to cast spells which the players gain in every round. The health of the players decides the fate of the opposing teams. Winning the fights give rewards to each player on the team. 

  1. Fishao
best games like Club Penguin- Fishao

Fishao provides you with a similar fishing experience but at home. Enjoy this fun game relaxing back in the chair and diving in with the hook. But remember to choose the right types of equipment to catch those slippery little beasts. Use the perfect rod, and a satisfying bait, and get ready to be the ultimate fishing champion.

The more fish you catch, the more experience points and coins you will get. These coins can be utilized to upgrade your fishing equipment and abilities and you will be able to catch those stubborn fishes. 

  1. MovieStarPlanet
best games like Club Penguin- MovieStarPlanet

The player in the game customizes and controls a movie star character. This is an interactive game where characters can communicate with one another as they wish. 

Choose the perfect clothing for them and play several mini-games available. Players can purchase StarCoins and diamonds but must also keep track of their spending. 

Spin the spinning wheel each day and get various numbers of StarCoins. To enhance their level, users must earn Fame, the experience points to grow further and better in the game. Dress up your character as you like and enjoy living the life of a movie star and travel across.

        Wrap Up

        Mentioned above are some great entertaining games like Club Penguin with

        not-so-difficult and relaxing gameplay. These games are fun and you enjoy them a lot. 

        If you crave similar games like Club Penguin, then do give these games a chance  

        and have fun. 

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