Games like Disco Elysium in 2022

Unique and non-traditional gameplay in which the storyline matters more than combat missions, is that something in your interest? In this role-playing video game, the player takes up the identity of an amnesiac detective whose duty is to solve a murder mystery. The constant recalling of the past of the detective and the present challenges keep the mysterious element alive in the game.

There is no combat but skill checks and dialogue trees of the player handle the situation. More than the player’s combat or fighting skills, what matters most is the intellect, the psyche, the physique, and the motorics. 

This game is for those who are fascinated by mystery and suspense and if you are a fan of this, the following list would be useful for you.

Checkout the following games if you are searching for more games like Disco Elysium

  1. Kentucky Route Zero
  2. The Forgotten City
  3. Mass Effect
  4. Night In The Woods
  5. Undertale
  6. Unavowed
  7. Outer Wilds

Continue reading to know more about such interactive and role-playing games like Disco Elysium where the player’s choice matters and can even change the course of the gameplay.

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7 amazing games like Disco Elysium if you are not satisfied with playing just one

  1. Kentucky Route Zero

When magical realism is added to an adventure game, it makes the gameplay even better. The striking visuals and haunting scores give it a realistic and horrifying form. 

The player follows the narrative of a truck driver named Conway and the mysterious strangers he crosses on the way to his final delivery at Route Zero. To make it even better, the player will be accompanied by a dog whose name can be chosen by you.

Conway’s movements and dialogues are in your control and your choices lead to the result. The focus on the storyline, the choices of the player, and the dialogues with the other community make it similar to Disco Elysium

  1. The Forgotten City

Another role-playing mystery adventure on the list is The Forgotten City, typically for those who enjoy historical references. It’s fun traveling to the past in the ruined and cursed Roman City where the sins of one person become fatal for the rest population.

The player must explore and investigate the locals to uncover this mystery but also be aware of the deadly time loop. The suspense and the mysteries keep you hooked to it and the historic visuals are stunning.

  1. Mass Effect

Mass Effect is important among the many role-playing games and is very similar to Disco Elysium but it puts more emphasis on dialogue trees and decision making.

The player takes up the role of Commander Shepard but you have the advantage to choose the commander’s gender, background, training, and other combat skills. 

What makes the game more interesting is its science fiction shooter background, especially for those who enjoy this genre.

  1. Night In The Woods

A game that focuses solely on the story, the characters, and the player’s exploration, Night In the Woods is a single-player adventure video game.

The player controls a recent dropout, Mae Borowski, who is amazed to find the unexpected changes in her hometown after her immediate return.

On her way to solve the mystery of the disappearance of her friend Casey, and to uncover the deeply hidden secrets of the town, she is led to the woods, an important part of her adventure.  

The mystery and the adventure are the attraction of this game and keep you engrossed in it.

  1. Undertale

In another game like Disco Elysium, in Undertale, the player controls a child who has fallen into the underground, literally under the earth’s surface which is separated by a magical barrier. 

The role is to get back to the surface but the journey is dangerously filled with random attacking monsters and the player gets into battle mode for its survival against the attacks.

Another important feature of the game is the interaction of the player with the enemies and the monsters and the choices of fighting or non-violence opted by the player are important for the game’s result.

  1. Unavowed

A classic adventure game with important interactions and role-playing, Unavowed, like the others on the list,  provides you the choice to control a male or female protagonist for your upcoming adventure.

The game’s setting is in a fictionalized contemporary New York city where demons and magic surround the place and even the protagonist is appeared to be possessed by a demon.

Apart from that, the game also gives you the advantage to choose your teammates for particular missions but don’t forget that your choices influence the course of the story. Also, the abilities of your partner will be beneficial for the missions.

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  1. Outer Wilds 

Outer Wilds deviates from the regular path and the exploration and mysterious adventure continues in the outer world. The player character is stuck in a 22 minutes time loop before the sun goes Supernova.

The player’s interaction with colleagues and the locals is important for the further development of the game.

The player uncovers many secrets throughout the course of the game in each time loop, including the research about an old extinct civilization who were the previous colonizer of the solar system. 

And as the player is stuck in a time loop, after each death by any means, the player wakes up back in its home planet at the start of the time loop.

Wrap Up

Interaction or role-playing games not only give the thrill of adventure and exploration but the heavy emphasis on the story-line, the characters and their interactions, the dialogue trees, and the choices the player makes to continue the gameplay makes the game more entertaining and interesting and if this is what you require, do give the above-mentioned games a try.

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