Is UFC 4 Crossplay? Can UFC 4 be Played on Cross-Platform?

Is UFC 4 Crossplay? Can UFC 4 be Played on Cross-Platform?

After so many fighting games, today we have finally come up with an article on a unique game. You all have seen a lot of matches of boxing and martial arts in real life. But have you ever played any martial arts fighting games on your own?

Today in this article we are going to talk about one such interesting video game which looks realistic whenever you play the game. Yes, the “UFC 4” is a mixed martial art fighting video game released in 2020. Its gameplay was created in HDR mode and its graphics are made in such a way that makes it very realistic. Due to which people enjoy this game very much.

It was developed by EA Vancouver and published by EA sports. It is a single-player multiplayer game. Talking about the gameplay of UFC 4, its gameplay is fantastic!! UFC’s 4 developers worked hard to make the game more fluid, realistic, and enjoyable. The most interesting feature of this game is Real Player Motion (RPM).

UFC allows gamers to choose from 229 different players and compete in one-on-one martial arts fights. When confronted with an opponent, the player has the option of declining or accepting combat. UFC 4 also contains a “career mode”, in which the player is guided through the fundamentals of numerous martial arts.

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With its perfect gameplay, graphics, and unique features this game has become everyone’s favorite. But the only question everyone asks is “Does UFC 4 support cross-play”? Is It a cross-platform game or not?

Is UFC 4 Crossplay? Does it Support Cross-Platform?

The answer is “NO”. UFC 4 is not crossplay. Also, it doesn’t feature cross-platform support. After so many fantastic features in this game, it comes as a surprise for you guys, that this game doesn’t have a cross-play mode in it. 

This means that if gamers aren’t in the same gaming system, they won’t be able to play together.

Platforms that support UFC 4

This game is available only on two platforms:

  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation

Yes, currently this game is available only on these two platforms. Recently, this game is now also available on mobiles. But this game is not available on PC yet.  

Why is UFC 4 not cross-platform?

UFC’s 4 developers, EA Vancouver, are concentrating on developing console exclusives rather than releasing a game on all platforms or making game cross-play.

According to the developers of this game, making a game cross-play has so many disadvantages. Let’s discuss some of their reviews:

  • Hackers are becoming more prevalent as a result of cross-platform gaming. Unfortunately, many people are trying to take advantage of others by engaging in activities like hacking.
  • While making game cross-play, one of the biggest problems is its bugs and glitches. And also it affects the gameplay.

So, looking at all these reasons game developers had dropped the idea of making this game cross-platform.

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Unfortunately, the cross-platform feature is not available in this game. You have only two platforms for playing this game Xbox One and PlayStation without cross-platform. The main reason is that the developers of this game do not want this game to be cross-platform yet.

In the future, they may bring the feature of cross-play into their game. Till then we can enjoy this game by playing it on the same consoles. Many players have demanded that UFC 4 cross-platform. Let’s see how long this game becomes cross-platform.

We hope that by reading this article, you are now clear with this that “UFC 4 is not a cross-platform”. For more future updates on this game, stay connected with us.

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