Gears of War 4 Crossplay and Cross-Platform Explained

Gears of War 4 was the first game in the cult series to run at the age of the eighth generation of consoles. It performed a decent job of revitalising the gameplay without becoming a different game. 

Due to its success, it has held a significant number of players, even until today. Because the game can be played for both Xbox consoles and PC, A few players might be wondering whether the game is cross-platform. 

It’s a simple answer, but there’s more nuance. In the simplest sense, it’s possible to play games with others regardless of whether they’re playing on either an Xbox system or a PC.

Gears of War 4 Cross-Platform 2022 | Is Gears of War 4 Crossplay?

While it supports crossplay, it’s slightly more complex than just beginning the game and then playing with your buddies. 

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The game was launched, and crossplay was not possible at all. Xbox players were restricted to lobbies for Xbox only, which was true for PC gamers. 

However, in the early part of 2017, the game’s developers declared they would get the permanent cross-platform gaming feature.

How to play Gears of War 4 Cross-Platform

There’s no specific instruction to play the game across platforms except for the playlist you pick. To reduce the number of issues to avoid problems, it is important to note that the Competitive Core and Competitive Core playlists are not compatible with crossplay. 

The only playlist to support cross-platform play is the social quickplay playlist. This means that the maximum size of your party is limited to 2 players.

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Gears of War 4 Cross Save/ Cross Progression

Another good thing about this game is that it can allow cross saves without much hassle. So long as you’re signed to your account, your game progress Horde or online games will be saved on any platform you’re playing on.

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