How to Get Potent Medicine in Persona 3 Reload?

When playing Persona 3 Reload, it is important to fulfill a request from Elizabeth so that you can readily traverse her territory and get respective rewards. From the countless items needed for such quests, Potent Medicine has a special position as it is an ingredient of Request 20.

Request 20 fully contains the first date of June from when players must seek Potent Medicine for Elizabeth. Unlike the usual products found on shelves of any department store or pharmacy, Potent Medicine is unique and cannot be obtained through ordinary means.

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How to Get Potent Medicine in Persona 3 Reload?

Many players, myself included, have invested considerable time and effort in searching locations such as the Paulownia Mall, Iwatodai Strip Mall, and Port Island Station, only to discover that Potent Medicine is uniquely situated in one specific location: The Nurse’s Office, located on the first floor of Gekkoukan High School.

To obtain this potent medicine, players must avoid being caught as they move across the corridors of Gekkoukan High School and progress further from this west corridor after passing by the faculty office. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the Potent Medicine acquired from defeating Request 20 will only appear after taking Elizabeth’s request. When the Nurse’s Office is attempted to be accessed before or after accepting the request, players will miss their chance as they will find themselves trapped in a lecture that increases their stats.

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When acquiring the Potent Medicine and returning to Elizabeth, players are presented with an amazing gift they will find in their new weapon entitled Steel Pipe. Although this weapon is easily irreplaceable in the first part of the game, fulfilling a request later may reduce its importance.

However, Request 20 is merely an example of the larger and numerous obstacles placed on Elizabeth’s requests that would require careful investigation as well as meticulous item tracking from within Gekkoukan High School. When players begin their journey to satisfy Elizabeth’s requirements, they face a vast variety of challenges and gains that make the Persona 3 Reload world exciting.

Even though a lot of pain is associated with fulfilling Elizabeth’s requests, the feeling of overcoming every trial or getting precious gifts adds credibility and immersion to the game. Therefore, strap on the seatbelt for an adventurous ride rich in exploration and discovery that will see Elizabeth complete her interesting missions.

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