Working Trick on How to Get Pubg Conqueror Title in Season 18

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds aka Pubg has gained a lot of popularity not only in India but also in many parts of the world. The users of Pubg mobile are increasing day by day. The concept of the game is something very interesting and unique that attracts people all across the world to play it.

Everyone wants to be at the top of every game they play. Similarly, In Pubg mobile game, there are different tiers that start from bronze and end at conqueror.

Not everyone who plays this game can get the Pubg conqueror title. But after reading this, you will definitely be able to push from pubg bronze to the conqueror tier.

How To Reach Conqueror In PUBG mobile?

Well, reaching conqueror rank in Pubg mobile is not as easy as it seems by watching videos from youtube or reading blogs.

To be frank, it is not possible to become a conqueror in pubg mobile unless and until you practice a lot and follow the system.

There are a lot of Pubg mobile players across the world who want to get conqueror title in pubg mobile. Some of them are new players, some play good and some are pro and play really very well. In addition to this, there are also hackers in the game.

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So, reaching the pubg conqueror rank means that you need to be in the top 500 players in a specific server and mode( whether you play TPP or FPP in Solo, Duo, or Squad ).

I will definitely tell you the easiest way to reach the conqueror in pubg mobile so that you will be able to get the conqueror title in a short period of time.

After a lot of surfing on the internet, watching hours of youtube content, discussing with the pro conqueror players, and applying it into the game, I finally got some amazing ideas and tricks that if followed, one can definitely get the Pubg conqueror title no time.

But it only depends upon how you follow my steps and how you apply that in Pubg mobile.

Let’s start with the first and foremost step that is basic and you must know in order to get Pubg conqueror title.

Choose a specific server and mode(TPP/FPP) (SOLO/DUO/SQUAD).

Now, you might be thinking that what rubbish this guy is telling, we already know this.

But let me tell you this is the most important step while pushing conqueror in pubg mobile and most of you don’t follow this step. You sometimes play solo, sometimes if a friend calls you and says ‘Aaja Bhai’ you go for the duo and same you play squad.

Now it can impact your results and can lose your confidence. So, it is important for you to choose a specific mode and play in a specific server.

The second point is Tier

‌There are several tiers in pubg mobile. According to ranking, they are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crown, Ace, and at last Conqueror. Now, bronze is the easiest title to get in Pubg. Anyone with a new ID can get this title.

As we know each season lasts for a period of two months. It depends upon you that currently, you are on which tier and when you start to push Conqueror.

So, how many points required to reach conqueror in pubg mobile?

How Many Points required to reach conqueror in PUBG Mobile?

If you play at the starting of the season, it will get easy for you to push Conqueror. This is because at the beginning of the season, depending upon your server rating points that changes, approximate points for Conqueror title are:


  • Squad: 5000 points at season’s beginning and 7000 at season end.
  • Duo: 4500 at season’s beginning and 6000 at season end.
  • Solo: 4500 at season’s beginning and 5500 at season end.


  • Squad: 4500 at season’s beginning and 6000 at season end.
  • Duo: 4200 at season’s beginning and 5000 at season end.
  • Solo: 4200 at season’s beginning and 5000 at season end.

Though these are some important points which are very important to know before you try to reach conquerer tier but after knowing this how can you reach conquer in pubg mobile? Just by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Mode Of Gameplay

As earlier mentioned that There are Two modes TPP and FPP and in each, you can play Solo, Duo, and Squad. It is your choice which mode you like and prefers to play.

My recommendation for you is to play Solo FPP or DUO FPP if you just aim for the pubg conqueror title.

The first reason is that in both these modes you need to score low points as compared to any other mode and the second reason to choose these modes is that most people prefer to play TPP. So, this is an advantage for you to reach conquerer in pubg mobile easily.

2. Time of Gameplay

Yes, it’s also an important point to remember while pushing for pubg conqueror tier because it can help you in good gameplay. How?

I play Pubg mobile(in Asia Server) on my mobile internet connection and the ping remains 50-150ms but sometimes in the Day, it fluctuates to 200-980ms which is not a good thing while pushing for Conqueror tier.

You are not able to play a good game when the ping remains high and it results in Phone heating and lag which definitely results in bad gameplay.

Whenever I try to push Conqueror, usually I prefer to play in the morning time as there is a low number of users who play pubg mobile in the morning, and also the ping remains low in the morning and the game runs smoothly without any lag.

Though, the gameplay can vary from device to device.

3. Play Like A Pro Till Crown Tier and Play Like A Noob Till Conqueror Tier

Yes! While pushing for Conqueror, you can go for kills and take the hot drops until you reach the crown tier but after reaching the crown tier, you need to play like a noob according to what I am trying to say is safe gameplay.

  • Play as safe as possible.
  • Don’t take hot-drop like georgepool, pochinki, Novo, military, etc. Go only for Chicken Dinner.
  • Play safe until there are 25 persons remaining and after that, you can go for kills.
  • You need to camp as Conqueror tier is all about points and there is no doubt that Conqueror players don’t camp.
  • Wear clothes that are suitable for the map. For example, wear white clothes while you play Vikendi so that it will get difficult for an enemy to spot you.

But keep in mind that you play only for Chicken Dinner.

4. Survive till the last zone

This is because surviving matters a lot.

If you were not able to take kills in a game and survived a lot, your points will not decrease, instead, they will increase.

Though not much but will increase. It is better to increase points than to decrease.

As earlier mentioned that avoid hot drops, you need to land on places that are far away from the plane’s path.
You can go there with the help of a vehicle and collect more and more loot and can definitely kill 2-4 bots easily.

5. Your gameplay matters

While you push for the Pubg Conqueror tier, you need to practice a lot. You need to improve your timing, your skills, your way of thinking, gaming sense, etc.(Tip: Gyroscope can help you in improving aim, timing, and reflexes.

You have to practice, practice, and practice.

Though you can play safely without going to kill enemies but in a squad game if a squad rushes at you then what would you do.

So, good gameplay matters a lot while you are pushing for the Conqueror.[spacer height=”20px”]

All these were the most important points that you need to keep in mind.

Below Mentioned Are Some More Tips and Tricks That Will Help You More to Win Games and Chicken Dinner:

  • ‌If you want to play Duo or Squad, don’t play with random players. Instead, find or make your own trusted squad and play with them.
  • ‌You can gain more points when you play with noob players who are in the gold or platinum tier.

How? because when you do so, the looby that creates has a least no of pro players and you can easily go for rushing the squads. (by noticing the way of their gameplay).

  • This is how you can get kills if you are an average or good gamer and can also win chicken dinner.
  • ‌You need to learn the map if you are new. (it will get into your brain when you will play more and more.)
  • ‌Throwables like a stun grenade, frag grenade, mocktail are very effective. So, you should use all these very effectively. Pick up at least five or more smoke. It will help you to win all the last zone fight.
  • ‌Don’t go for a fight with the enemy until you don’t have the vest or helmet.
  • Increase your speed by practicing drills so you can easily knock your enemy down before he knocks you down.
    Always find a cover whenever you are going to fight.
  • ‌At last, the main important thing is the gun you choose. You should choose only that gun which you are good at and practiced.

These best tips and tricks to push the Pubg Conqueror tier will definitely help you to get the conqueror title in pubg mobile. No matter which device you are using, You just need to follow these tricks and apply them to your gameplay.

In the comments section, let me know whether you are also pushing for the conqueror tier in Pubg mobile! Tell me about your current tier and also mention your K/D. I will also tell you my current K/D.


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