Gmail Spell Check Not Working – Easy Fixes

Every year, Gmail brings some new features to grab more attention from its users. Among so many features of Gmail, one of the best and the most favorite feature of every user is Spell Check. What is that? Regardless of any grammatical or linguistic errors, you are free to express whatever is on your mind. Isn’t it cool? That’s why your Gmail spell check not working can be troublesome.

But somehow some users are facing an issue that their “Gmail Spell Check Is Not Working”. What is its reason? This Gmail problem typically occurs from incorrect device configuration, out-of-date web browsers, poor internet connections, or may be due to problematic app servers.

Let’s discuss this in brief with every solution to fix this and make your spell check work properly in your Gmail. Follow us and read the entire article for quick fixes.

Gmail Spell Check Not Working. What Are Its Reasons?

The auto spell check feature in Gmail will typically always be on. However, the following could be the causes if you find that your Gmail is not working.

  • Server Issues
  • Problem with your system
  • You haven’t turned on spell checking in Gmail
  • Browser Extensions
  • Activate Enhanced Spelling Checking
  • Poor Internet Connection

Gmail Spell Check Not Working. Here You Can Do To Fix This

Here are some of the fixes with proper steps to resolve your Gmail Spell Check problem.

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Check The Servers

When spell check is not working, the first thing you should do is to make sure to check Gmail’s servers before changing your account or browser. You may do this by going to google’s specific status page, where you can see how their services are doing right now.

Waiting for Google’s staff is the best option to fix any problem with the platform. 

Restart Your System

It’s also possible that a brief bug in your device has prevented Gmail from checking spellings. So you can restart the entire system. Follow these instructions to reboot your system.

  • Click “Start” from the taskbar’s menu. 
  • Press the “Windows” icon
  • Go to the “Power Options” tab next
  • Finally, choose the “Restart” option
  • Now check that Gmail’s spell check is functional

Enable Spell Check In Gmail Account

You must verify that the Gmail spell checking is turned on. If it is not turned on, then follow these steps:

  • To create an email, enter your account information and click the “Compose” button.
  • Now, in the New Message Window, tap the three dots that are situated in the bottom-right corner
  • Select the “Check Spelling” option at this point.
  • The spell checker will activate after you do this. Now typing errors that affect spelling will be noted and underlined. You can select the correct word by clicking the incorrect one.
  • After finishing the message, click “Re-Check” to use the spell checker once more.
  • A different language choice is also available from the tiny drop-down menu next to “Re-Check”.

Disable Browser Extensions

The spell-checking function in Gmail on your computer may have ceased due to browser extensions. For many add-ons, such as Grammarly, the grammar-checking tool is available for the website you visit. However, Gmail’s built-in spell checker will not function if they are activated. You can get rid of the browser extensions by following these guidelines.

  • Access the Settings by clicking more options on your browser
  • Select the Extensions tab
  • Turn off the grammar and spell check plugins in your browser
  • Return to Gmail later to verify that the built-in spell checker is working

Activate Enhanced Spelling Check

The way your browser’s spell check tool works is similar to how Gmail’s does. Use the spell check on your browser, if your Gmail account’s spell is not working. 

To activate advanced spell checking in your browser, follow the instructions below:

  • Access the settings by clicking more options on your browser.
  • Next, select Advanced
  • Then, select the Language Tab
  • Finally, select Enhanced Spell Check 
  • After that, log back into your Gmail Account to see if the issue has been resolved.

Fix The Slow Internet

Troubleshooting the slow connection is another simple solution to utilize if Gmail is not checking spellings. All of Gmail’s functions are unavailable on slow connections. Among these is the spell checker. So, check your computer’s or smartphone’s internet speed. 


When you need to write multiplayer emails, having Gmail’s spell check not working can be annoying. You can then put the numerous strategies in this article into action at that time. One will undoubtedly work, and your spell-checking functionality will begin. If the problem continues, you may also get professional Gmail Support services.

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