How To Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number And Recovery Email

We all have no matter how good our memory, forgetting our Gmail account passwords is quite common. This would not be trouble unless your Gmail account was so old that you don’t even have its linked phone number or a recovery email anymore. The only thing you might want to know right now is how to recover your Gmail password without your phone number and recovery email because we guess that you are currently stressed about the same.

To recover your Gmail account password without any phone number or a recovery email, you need to at least remember the answers to the security questions you had set on your account. Choose the respective option while recovering the account and answer your security questions correctly and you will be able to recover the account. For a plus point, we suggest you use the same device to access the Gmail account and try to be at the same location where you previously used to access that account.

We don’t even know how many Gmail accounts we have created till now. Due to this, we don’t remember most of the passwords, and when someday we need access to an account we get frustrated trying out all the possible combinations we could set as our password.

If you think it is impossible to recover your Gmail password if you do not have any linked phone number or a recovery email account, then you are wrong because there is still a way out, let us see what is that.

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How To Recover Gmail Password Without Phone Number And Recovery Email?

So, if you are already of the main ways of recovering your Gmail account, which is with the help of a linked phone number or a recovery email account, here is what you can do to still accomplish what you want. 

Firstly, if you want to make the recovery process easier for yourself, we suggest you use the device(phone, computer, or laptop) in which you have sometimes signed in to the account whose password you wish to recover. 

Moreover, it is preferable that you also you the same browser you used to as well as try to operate it in the same location as well. All this is to let Google be more sure that you are the real owner of the account and that you will be able to recover it easily. 

As you go ahead with recovering your account, you have to first enter your email id, and then you will be asked to enter the password which you don’t remember. There, tap on the Try Another Way, and then choose to answer the security questions that you had personalized yourself the time you had created that account. 

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Although you don’t remember your password, it is likely that you would have the answers to your own chosen questions for your Google account recovery in your mind. In case you remember any recent password of your account, that would make it easier for you to recover, but just security questions will also do the job for you. 

But, if you don’t even remember the answers to the security questions you had set for your account recovery, there is no other way in which you can prove that the Gmail account belongs to you and you won’t be able to recover the password to it.  

Remember that once you recover your Gmail account back, make sure that you set a password you won’t forget. Also, for a backup, choose another of your email accounts as your recovery email in case you forgot the password, plus, it will be far better if you also link your phone number to it.

While choosing the new password, make sure it is a strong one and we also suggest that you use the 2 step verification for more safety of your account.

Wrap Up

That was the only answer to how to recover Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email. You can try this out and get your old Gmail account back so that you can access all those accounts on your apps that you had linked to this Gmail account. 

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