Which Is Better Xbox X Or S?

Are you also confused about which one to buy from the Xbox Series X and S? Well, you cannot make such an important decision without researching properly which is better Xbox X or S? But don’t worry, this article will cover everything you need to know about these two consoles after which you will know which one is good for you. 

When we compare both Xbox X and S, it is clear that Xbox X is definitely better in terms of functioning. However, there is a vast difference between the prices of the two but the cost you pay for Xbox X is definitely worth it. We know there is a lot more that you want to be aware of before purchasing one, so keep reading and you will get all the info you need. 

Everyone loves gaming, and Xbox consoles are quite a popular choice for that these days. But, when one has to purchase such an expensive thing, a little research doesn’t harm and is better than regretting later when you realize you could get something better. 

So, to prevent you from regretting your decision of purchasing the wrong gaming console, we are here to let you know which is better Xbox X or S? 

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Which Is Better Xbox X Or S?

It is true that the foundation of both the consoles Xbox X and S is similar, but, there are a lot of differences as well which should be known to decide which is more preferable over the other. 

Beginning from the price, the Xbox Series X is quite an expensive one, costing you about $500, while on the other side, you only have to pay $300 if you go for purchasing Xbox Series S. Thus, if you are only looking for a console that will charge you less, then we would definitely suggest you Xbox Series S because you can play the same games on both of them. 

However, if you are not worried about money, then there are some reasons you should go for the other one, after all, it is not that they are charging $200 for nothing, right? 

Here are the important features that outstand Xbox Series X when compared with Xbox Series S.

1. The Xbox Series X is far better in terms of speed and performance. 

2. You get a lot more storage on Xbox X that is, 800 GB, which you can say, is nearly double the storage you are given in Xbox Series S. 

3. For those using high-end models of TV to connect with their Xbox, you can enjoy the experience of such great video graphics while playing, and we hope you are aware of the importance of graphics in gaming. 

4. The Xbox Series X also comes with a disc drive where you can keep playing the games you used to have in your previous Xbox consoles, and you will get this feature only in this model of Xbox consoles. 

See, if you want more features, then Xbox Series S can’t beat Xbox X. But, if you want something that is budget-friendly then we assure you that Xbox S is also not a bad choice, especially if you are looking for a gaming console for your kids. Not only the cost of this console is budget conscious but also the monthly membership will probably stress you out if you got Xbox Series X. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you are all clear by now on which one of these consoles you should get for yourself. Both the consoles are good to use but you would definitely not want to compromise if you can afford Xbox Series X, rest is up to what things matter to you in a gaming console according to which you can get one.

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