About Pokemon That Evolves Into Mega Alakazam – 3 Consecutive Evolutions

The excitement of getting any of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go is way better than obtaining even a hundred regular Pokemon, just like having a Mega Alakazam. What? Are you thinking that we have mentioned something impossible? Not at all, and you will realize that soon if you keep reading. For that, the first thing to know about is the Pokemon that evolves into Mega Alakazam, and we know that. 

Kadabra is a Pokemon that can be evolved into an Alakazam through a specific process which can further be mega evolved to obtain a Mega Alakazam. So, you see, getting a Mega Alakazam is a two-step process for Pokemon Go players unless this Pokemon is found in its readymade form in the game. 

There are a lot of different Pokemon present in the game Pokemon Go which some people don’t even know exist. That is because they are the rarest of the rare, and very few people manage to get one of them. But, nothing is impossible if you try hard and use the right technique as well as grab the right opportunity. 

So, today we will learn about how to get the Pokemon that evolves into Mega Alakazam and how to further evolve it. 

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How To Get The Pokemon That Evolves Into Mega Alakazam?

Have you heard of the Psychic Spectacular Event on Pokemon Go? This is basically the latest season of the Season of Light in the game and since the event is titled “Psychic Spectacular” it means that you will get a chance to catch some really good Psychic Type Pokemon here, one of them being the Pokemon that evolves into Mega Alakazam. 

This event started on September 6, 2022, where you will find a lot of bonuses as well as challenges and a chance to get the rare Pokemon Alakazam during the Mega Raids.

A great variety of Psychic Type Pokemon will appear during the raids that take place in this event and you can take part in them to capture some of them. The raids include One Star Raids, Three Star Raids, Five Star Raids, and a Mega Raid. 

There is only one Mega raid throughout this event that features the Psychic Pokemon Mega Alakazam. 

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Alternatively, you can also first get the Kadabra Pokemon which is the first mutation of Abra, or just simply obtain Abra. 

So, what you can do is obtain the “Abra” Pokemon which can be found anywhere in the wild. The better chances of finding one are during the night around the residential areas as well as hospitals, so you will easily get one for yourself. 

Once you get Abra and reach level 16, you can evolve it into Kadabra with the help of 25 Abra candies. 

After getting a Kadabra, you can further evolve it into Alakazam by either exposing it to a Linking Cord or by just trading it with a friend in the game. 

Finally, you have an Alakazam which you can further evolve into its Mega form, that is the Mega Alakazam by using the Alakazite. This is actually a Mega Stone that is exclusively available only for evolving an Alakazam into a Mega Alakazam. 

If you want to obtain an Alakazite, you will be able to get it from Professor Sycamore after he has upgraded your Mega Ring as a player. The timing to get this Mega Stone is between 8 PM and 9 PM. 

Once you have an Allakazite, you can simply proceed with the evolution process and get your Mega Alakazite the chances of which are bare minimum throughout the game. 

We can see that the entire process is quite a time-consuming one, but you can definitely go for it because the consequences are worth your effort. In the end, you will get your own Mega Alakazam which is super resistant as well as effective against the Pokemon from the Psychic and the Fighting Type. 

Wrap Up

Now you know everything about the Pokemon from which a Mega Alakazam can be evolved right from its primary form which is Abra. Start this process now so that you can get this Mega Psychic Type Pokemon that belongs to you very soon.

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