Is Sackboy A Big Adventure Split Screen?

Although the launch of online co-op multiplayer for Sackboy A Big Adventure was delayed until later this year, local splitscreen multiplayer can still be played in the game since the day it launched with the PlayStation 5. Here’s how to play split screen multiplayer in Sackboy A Big Adventure.

It is important to note that the local co-op is not split screen as used in Sackboy A Big Adventure. Instead, you will both be in the same place, running around as different characters.

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How to play Split Screen Multiplayer in Sackboy A Big Adventure

Turn on your second controller first. Split Screen multiplayer will only be available in the standard campaign. There is no multiplayer option from the main menu.

After turning on the other DualSense, a small bar at the bottom will display each player’s character. The second player must press X to join the action and select their skin.

You’ll then be able run around the world together in Sackboy’s split screen multiplayer. Collect whatever you like. To jump into a level, one player must press the triangle if you are doing this before jumping into it. When you jump into a level, one will automatically follow the other.

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You simply need to disconnect the controller from your PlayStation or log off of your PlayStation to remove your character. You can then let the other character continue on their own.

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