The Cycle Frontier: Top 5 Tips And Tricks To Get Started

Now that The Cycle Frontier has emerged from beta, it is gaining worldwide attention. Even the most skilled gamer can be perplexed by the game’s most vital aspects. The intrigue alone is enough to draw you into The Cycle Frontier virtual world. Listed below, you will find the top 5 tips and tricks to get you started.

Only Engage In Winnable Fights 

It is never wise to engage in a fight knowing you might lose. The first thing to ask yourself is, is your gear powerful enough to rage through the battle? If not, turn around and walk away.

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Have A Game plan

When you begin playing The Cycle, you need to make sure that you have a viable game plan. While there will no exact objective, you can partake in jobs and faction quests. Doing so is a good idea because you’ll receive excellent rewards. Find out where you’re spawning on the map so you can access the best missions quickly. For instance, you might be able to hunt Striders near the science campus. Alternatively, you may need to deliver toxic glands.

Either way, be sure to know which jobs you can complete quickly once you spawn.

Explore The Map

It is common to find new things when exploring the map. You shouldn’t be afraid to ignore missions just to learn more about the environment. When doing so, you have to be careful about overdoing it. You cannot ignore your stamina. You’ll also have to be careful about taking damage when falling or jumping from high distances. As a single player, you should take your time. There is no clock so you can spend as much time as you want to explore the world.

If you’re in a battle or exploring the scenery, take your time. There is no need to rush. Walk slow and remain silent until you know where your enemies are hiding. Finally, don’t ignore storms. Storms are dangerous in this game because they prevent you from hearing threats around you.

Consider The Penetration Variable

You’ll want to pick the best gun possible. When trying to do that, you must check the penetration factor. It can make a big difference when it comes to beating your opponents. Before your weapon is going to damage your enemy, it has to penetrate their armor. If your weapon is the same color as your enemy’s armor, the shot will deal full damage. If the penetration is worse, you won’t deal full damage. Suffice to say, there are many things to consider when playing this game.

Be sure to strategize to ensure that you’re making the right choice. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hurt your enemies. Always select the right weapon to ensure that you’re maximizing the damage you’re inflicting on enemies.

Preparing To Combat Creatures

You are going to fight creatures and other players. Unfortunately, creatures are tough in this game. Each attack is going to cause a lot of damage. Before attacking any creature, be sure to scan the environment. Make sure you’re not going to be ambushed by other creatures. If you’re encountering ticks or striders, it is best to use your knife. When approaching sleeping creatures, do so slowly. Sneak up to them before attacking. Finally, use elevation to your benefit.

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