GTA Summer Update 2022 – Everything You Need To Know

GTA is our favorite and we hope, so is yours. The most exciting thing about the game is the frequent updates added to improve the gameplay. It is time that the most awaited features are about to be updated to GTA. And we know you want to know all about this GTA summer update 2022, right?

GTA Summer Update 2022 is the upcoming major release from Rockstar Games for this popular open-world sandbox game, that will be in effect on July 26, 2022. We already had a major update to this game in December 2021, and now it is again here. 

Young gamers have so much craze for GTA or Grand Theft Auto, which makes the Rockstar Games keep adding new updates to the game to maintain the community’s interest persistent to it, and it succeeds. Another summer update is set to release and you must be willing to know everything about it. 

If you are curious about what’s new in the upcoming GTA summer update 2022, then come with us as we open the door to this information. 

What Is GTA Summer Update 2022 Release Date?

The last update on GTA was in December 2021, which was “The Contract”. As for this year, the GTA supper update 2022 release date, it should have already happened by now since July 18, 2022. However, there is a slight change in the date as the release has been rescheduled for July 26, 2022. 

We know that GTA online, at first, was just an add-on to the GTA V video game, but it has come so far by now that every once in a while, new updates are introduced to it. Here is a list of all the other updates that have ever been to the game. 

1. Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series – March 2018.

2. After Hours – July 2018.

3. Arena War – December 2018.

4. The Diamond Casino & Heist – December 2019.

5. Los Santos Summer Special – August 2020.

6. The Cayo Perico Heist – December 2020.

7. Los Santos Tuners – July 2021. 

8. The Contract – December 2021. 

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What Is In The New GTA Summer Update 2022?

People are looking for GTA summer update 2022 leaks, however, there is no such exact information provided about what would be new for us. 

Yet, there are some things that are certain about it. If we see the previous updates, we will find that with every update came new vehicles, new businesses to purchase, and some new social spaces. Plus, there were some new missions to accomplish as well. 

By taking a close look at this pattern, it is clear that the first thing that you would be getting from this update will be some exciting missions that you will have to complete. 

Apart from that, you will get some extremely great vehicles to drive in the game. There will be a lot more new social spaces to visit, and you would also get to purchase new businesses. 

We don’t think you can ask for anything more if you are getting all we mentioned for this upcoming update, can you? 

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About GTA Online Weekly Update

The bigger updates are awaited twice every year, but there is always something for the GTA players every week. Another GTA online weekly update has been added on July 21, 2022. 

However, since we already have a huge update in the upcoming week, there is a halt to the weekly update and you will find special rewards similar to the ones you found last week, so you will have to compromise with this little thing as something much better is already waiting for you. 

These updates would include: 

1. 3 X GTAS & RP on Inch By Inch. 

2. 2 X GTAS & RP on Payphone Hits. 

3. LS Car Meet Prize Ride Zion Classic. 

4. Podium Car – Sugoi. 

5. Hao’s Special Works Weekly Car – Pfister Astron Custom. 

6. RC Bandito Time Trials – Cypress Flats.

7. Time Trial – Galileo Park. 

There will also be some weekly discounts that will let you grab some great deals. There will be no clothing unlocks for this week, but there are some Prime Gaming Rewards for you. 

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Wrap Up

We hope that you are now well aware of the upcoming GTA Summer Update 2022. This was the best you could know, so share this with your GTA-playing friends as well so they also get excited about this new update.

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