8 Surefire Fixes for Guided Access on iPad

If you are an iOS devices users, then you all must know the importance of Guided Access on your device. Let me also explain this in a single line. You can concentrate on a particular task while using your iOS device with Guided Access.

 But somehow, most people face the issue of their Guided Access Not Working on iPad. Let’s understand how you can fix it.

Try turning on Guided Access after you launch the app in order to fix the Guided Access App that isn’t working, and also enable the Accessibility Shortcut. When you return to the app after activating it, triple-tap the home button.

In this article, we will examine a fix for Guided Access Issues on iPad devices.

Guided Access Not Working On iPad- Methods To Fix This Issue

  • Update your iPad
  • Restart your iPad
  • Delete the Kiosk Policy
  • Set accessibility
  • Factory Reset on iPad
  • Restore iPad
  • Reboot iPad to fix the Guided Access Issue without deleting any data
  • Contact Apple Support

Method 1: Update your iPad

A fresh update can fix the problem of guided access not working for the iPad.

Steps to install updates on your iPad:

  • Connect to your wifi network after plugging your device into the charging adaptor
  • Go to General> Settings
  • Select a software update
  • Select Install after Download
  • To begin installing the update, tap install after it has finished downloading. By choosing later, you can schedule the installation for a later time
  • Please enter the passcode, if evoked
  • Await the update’s installation

Method 2: Restart your iPad

You can try restarting your iPad if Guided Access still doesn’t function properly for you despite having the most recent software installed on it.

Steps to restart your iPad:

Steps if you’re using an iPad 13/12/11/X/8

  • Pressing and quickly releasing the Volume Up and Volume Down button is necessary
  • Hold the side button after you see the Apple Logo

Steps if you’re using an iPad 7 or plus

For at least 10 seconds, or until you see the Apple Logo, press and hold the side volume button

Steps if you’re using an iPad 6 or earlier

Wait for 10 seconds after pressing the power button

Method 3: Delete the Kiosk Policy

The Kiosk policy, which Apple introduced, may control newly downloaded programs. When the iOS device turns on for the first time, it will try to load the software and lock it down as a Kiosk. The smartphone will be secured when the app is not admitted. For this to operate, you must delete the Kiosk Policy.

Steps to delete the Kiosk Policy are:

  • Go to the “Policies tab”
  • Choose the “Kiosk Policy”
  • Select the “Archived Policy”
  • Click “Manage”
  • Click the “Delete” option

Method 4: Set Accessibility

Incorrect settings for the accessibility-related features cause Guided Access on iPad to malfunction. If misconfiguration problems are the root of the problem, the device won’t be locked down in an unresponsive state.

Go to settings, Accessibility, and turn off guided access to maximize the accessibility settings.

Method 5: Factory Reset on iPad

Resetting your iPad is a different approach that can be explored.

Steps to do a factory reset on iPad:

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to “General”
  • Select “Reset” from the menu
  • Choose “Erase All Content and Settings” in order to do a factory reset on your iPad
  • Press “Erase” for confirmation
  • Determining how much data you have on your iPad could take a while, but after it’s finished your device will restart as brand-new.

Method 6: Restore iPad

This approach can be used to resolve Guided Access Issues. The steps below can be used to restore data using iTunes:

  • Plug your gadget into your computer and launch iTunes. When iTune, detects the device, it will highlight the device icon
  • On the “Summary” window, click “Backup Now” to create a data backup of your files.
  • Then select “Restore” which will erase all your data and configurations from your device
  • The device will take you up to the setup screen after it has been restored.
  • Select the iTunes backup file from the Apps And Data tab to restore the backup.

Method 7: Reboot the iPad to fix the Guided Access Issue without deleting any data

The best option you may try is the UltFone iOS System Repair software. This tool will assist you to fix any iOS bug without losing any data. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to try to fix Guided Access Issues as well as other iPhone problems including recovery mode loops, the Apple Logo being stuck, the iPhone not turning on, etc.

Follow these steps to use UltFone iOs System Repair software

  • Once you’ve downloaded and launched this program on your PC or Mac, connect your iPhone, or iPad to the computer. The iOS system repair module will start when you click “Start”.
  • On the following screen, click “Standard Repair” to proceed. The interface shows that there are two repair options: Standard Repair and Deep Repair. The main distinction is that any iOS issue can be fixed using Standard Repair without erasing any data. The Deep Repair mode, on the other hand, can completely erase your device and help you repair more serious iOS issues that the first option was unable to fix.
  • The firmware package for your device that was found automatically must be downloaded by clicking the “Download” button before you can continue with the system repair. When saving the firmware packet, you can alter the saved track by selecting “Browse“ and choosing another directory. Due to the firmware package’s size- roughly 2.5 GB- please be patient and keep your internet area tidy.
  • After the firmware package has been successfully downloaded, select “Start Standard Repair” to fix the iOS problems with your device. The iOS system will be fixed in a few minutes.
  • After the iOS system recovery is finished, your iOS gadget will reboot right away, and everything will resume its previous state.

Method 8: Contact Apple Support

If none of the methods work for you, then you might need to get in touch with Apple Support and schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar. After you inform them of the issue with your gadget, they can examine it and provide a solution.


Guided Access serves two purposes in addition to being a great parental control option. If you’re using an iOS device, it’s a great technique to keep from getting distracted by other apps. So, it is important to fix any kind of problem with the Guided Access not working on the iPad. The above-mentioned techniques can fix the majority of problems. Due to its high success rate and lack of data loss, UltFone iOS System Repair is the method of choice for fixing iOS problems.

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