Best Guitar Hero Games For Xbox One 2022

Playing games with the same everyday console is boring, right? Then, how about a unique gaming controller that is in the shape of a guitar? Yes, that sounds something interesting. Did you know there are several interesting Guitar Hero games for Xbox One?

The Guitar Hero series include the games that can be played using a new style controller that looks just like a guitar. In such games, you have to strum the controller to match the notes displayed on the screen. Well, this is something new and different. 

The Guitar Hero games on Xbox One include: 

1. Guitar Hero Live

2. Guitar Hero World Tour

3. Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock

4. Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock

5. Guitar Hero 5

6. Guitar Hero Smash Hits

7. Guitar Hero Metallica

To decide which Guitar Hero game you would prefer to play on your Xbox One, continue reading and know in brief about each of these games. 

Best Guitar Hero Games For Xbox One

Here we will discuss all the Guitar Hero games that are compatible with Xbox One. 

1. Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero games For Xbox One - Guitar Hero Live

Guitar Hero Live is a first-person Guitar Hero game that will put you on the stage where you will play in front of the crowd. There is a 2×3 button layout on its guitar controller along with the whammy bar and strum bar. 

The game is available on Amazon for $249.88, where you will get the guitar controller along with it. 

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2. Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero games For Xbox One - Guitar Hero World Tour

This game is playable for up to four players altogether where they have to play with guitar, drums, bass as well as vocals. No instruments are included in the game but discs. You can either play the game alone or play the music with your friends.

In this game, you get to rock along to bands such as Metallica and Aerosmith. 

3. Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock

Guitar Hero games For Xbox One - Guitar Hero III legends of rock

In this Guitar Hero game, you will get the experience similar to an original rock concert where you will get to new concert venues with outstanding lighting effects. The instruments played in the game are authentic. 

You can switch between different gameplay modes such as Quickplay, Single player Training, Career modes, Multiplayer coop career, Battle mode, Face-off, or Pro Face-off. 

In this single game, you will be allowed to play more than 70 loud songs. You can also customize your Guitar Hero characters in the game. 

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4. Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock

Guitar Hero games For Xbox One - Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock

There are more than 90 music tracks you get to play in this game which features Black Sabbath, KISS, Queen, and much more popular rock music. 

There is also a newly added quest mode in this version where you can transform your eight Guitar Heroes to rock warriors. These warriors have to help the Demi-God of Rock with the help of their game-changing powers. 

The best part is that you can play any combination of guitar, drums, bass, and vocals with different competitive modes which will give you the best ever rock music experience. 

5. Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero games For Xbox One - guitar Hero 5

Here is the best Party Play mode in this Guitar Hero game where you can even jump in and drop out of the gameplay and there will be no interruption to the rest of the jam session. 

You can play with whichever in-game instrument combination you want, be it guitarists, bassists, drummers, or multiple vocalists. 

The rock legends in the game include Carlos Santana, Johnny Cash, and Shirley Mason. 

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6. Guitar Hero Smash Hits

Guitar Hero games For Xbox One - guitar hero smash hits

This Guitar Hero game lets you rock on your favorite tracks of Guitar Hero with their mic controllers and drum kits. Players can either play individually or form bands. You can play up to 48 songs, all are the most memorable songs taken up from the Guitar Hero series. 

You can play the game in either online or offline mode and up to four players can join and play together the game in real time. You can also join with up to 8 players if you want to battle against the other band. 

7. Guitar Hero Metallica

Guitar Hero games For Xbox One - Guitar Hero Metallica

Through this game, you can follow Metallica on their tour throughout their musical career as you play their greatest hits of all times. There are 28 hit Metallica songs listed in the game while 21 other songs are there from the artists who influenced the career of Metallica. You can also plug in a second bass pedal through the Expert Plus mode. 

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Wrap Up

All these were the best Guitar Hero games that you can purchase to play on your Xbox One and enjoy the musical experience through these games.

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