Harvestella Hammer Upgrade Guide 2022

It seems that you are really indulged in the latest game Harvstella, well, you should be, the game is actually quite interesting. However, since it is a new game, there would be a lot of things within where you might get stuck, for instance how to get a Hammer in the game, or maybe, about Harvestella Hammer Upgrade.

Harvestella is an amazing game with a combination of RPG as well as Life Simulation, so, the game is cute as well as equally challenging. For now, everyone is a beginner in the game, and guides to certain things are necessary so that the players can advance further.

To upgrade Hammer in Harvestella, you need to first get the hammer, which can be crafted using ten Hard Stones. Once you have it, progress to Chapter 3 in the game and complete the Quest 3C which will unlock the Earth Faerie. Then complete enough of the Faerie Orders and you can then upgrade your Hammer.

Continue to read this article if you want to know in detail about getting as well as upgrading your Hammer in the game Harvestella.

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How To Get Hammer In Harvestella?

To use your land effectively in Harvestella is necessary for the players, especially for the purpose of farming. There is a certain important aspect for this, and it begins with breaking the large rocks that are blocking your farm into smaller ones. 

So, what is needed to get rid of these rocks? You will need a hammer to break the small rocks, and the same hammer will then be upgraded for you to break the large rocks as well. 

When you are almost done with the first chapter of the game Harvestella, you will be shown a new farm by Cres and you will also be instructed to build a hammer so that you can get rid of the small stones in your farm. 

Cres will also inform you that you have to find ten Hard Stones, you need to head to the Njord Stepppe to get these stones. Don’t even think that you will be able to find all ten stones in a single day, so don’t get impatient with that, just keep looking for the stones. 

You will need to keep resetting the Njord Steppe or you can also look around your farm to get more Hard Stones. Do this unless you have all ten hard stones with yourself. 

Once you get the ten hard stones, just simply go to your house and head to your crafting station where you can craft the hammer. It won’t take much for your hammer to be crafted, just ten minutes (we are talking about the in-game minutes here). 

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Harvestella Hammer Upgrade – How To Get?

Now that you have your hammer, you will be able to break off the small rocks around your farm, but, what about the bigger ones? You are going to need to upgrade your hammer for that.

Well, for doing this, the first thing you need to do is reach the third chapter in the game and complete a quest there. It is the Quest 3C: Cruel Automata that you have to accomplish.

Once you are done with the quest, the Earth Faerie will be unlocked and you will subsequently be given a fresh set of Faerie Orders. Once you have completed enough number of these Orders, you will be eligible to get your hammer upgraded and then you can easily break even the large rocks in the game.

Wrap Up

 We hope that this Harvestella Hammer Upgrade guide was helpful to you. This is all the information that we have in this aspect of the game for now. If there is something else added, we shall update you right away. Tell us in the comments if there is anything you want to know about the game Harvestella.

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