How To Evolve Sliggoo Pokemon Go In 2 Different Ways?

Having a Dragon Type Pokemon is the icing on the cake in Pokemon Go, and what would be a better option than obtaining a Goodra, which is an evolutionary form of Sliggoo? For this, all you need to know is how to evolve Sliggoo in Pokemon Go, a process that can be much easier than you expect with our assistance. 

To evolve Sliggoo in Pokemon Go, you can either use a Rainy Lure Module at any of your nearest PokeStops and then feed 100 Goomy candies to your Sliggoo to evolve it. Otherwise, you can also wait for the rainy weather in your location during which you can evolve Sliggoo using the same process. 

When you get a regular Pokemon in the Pokemon Go game, that is not the end, it is very important to transform it into its best evolutionary form to avail yourself the most advantage from it and get a Pokemon variant that is otherwise quite rare and thus, hard to find. 

In the same manner, if you have a Sliggoo, then you must check out how to evolve it to get a much better form of this Pokemon that will be quite useful to you throughout the game. 

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How To Evolve Sliggoo Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, there are presently two possible ways in which you can evolve a Sliggoo to get Goodra, and here we shall discuss each of them so that you can go for the one that is feasible to you without stressing much over the other that seems hard to you. Here we go, then. 

Evolving Sliggoo Using A Rainy Lure Module

The first and the quickest way for evolving Sliggoo in Pokemon Go is to use a Rainy Lure Module in the game. 

This is a Lure Module that was introduced to the game recently in May 2021 and it can be activated on any of the PokeStops around you. 

Basically, a Rainy Lure Module is supposed to help you catch the Water, Bug, or Electric Type Pokemon in the game by luring them towards the PokeStop where you installed it. 

However, when you activate this Lure Module, you can also evolve your Sliggoo into a Goodra for which you will just need to feed it with 100 Goomy Candy. You can collect these candies simply by walking with your Sliggoo Pokemon as your buddy in the game. 

Now the thing is, how to get a Rainy Module in Pokemon Go to evolve Sliggoo? Well, a lot of players have received the Rainy Lure Modules for free in the game during the giveaways, but if you did not get any, you will need to purchase one from the in-game store where this item will cost you about 200 PokeCoins. 

But, what if you don’t even have enough PokeCoins for purchasing a Rainy Lure Module? Or what if you are not willing to spend so much of your PokeCoins for just getting one item? There is nothing to worry about as we also have an alternative option for you to evolve your Sliggoo for free without spending any PokeCoins or anything else. How? Below is the answer. 

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Waiting For The Rainy Weather To Evolve Sliggoo

When you are not willing to spend your currency for just evolving your Sliggoo in Pokemon Go, the only thing you can do is wait for the rain to come in your area during which you can feed your Sliggoo with 100 Goomy candies and as a result of this, you will get this Pokemon evolved into Goodra, simple as that!

So, you have only two options, either wait for it to pour in your locality or spend some PokeCoins of yours to purchase a Rainy Lure Module. If you can’t do any of these, there is no other method for evolving Sliggoo in Pokemon Go, so you do not have any third choice. 

Wrap Up

If you are quite careful about spending your PokeCoins in Pokemon Go only when you don’t have another option, it is better that you wait for it to rain, because as long as you do not reside in a desert, it won’t take much time for the rainy weather to arrive even for a little time when you can evolve Sliggoo in Pokemon Go.

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