Harvestella How To Save Your Progress Manually Or Automatically?

You are definitely binge-playing the latest game Harvestella, but you are also going to need sleep as well as rest for your gaming device. But wait, what if all your progress in the game till now got erased? If you are worried about this, you should know how to save in Harvestella. 

Harvestella is a new life simulation Role Playing game. Since there is a simulation, you will feel like things are actually happening, which will make you play more and more. You get to grow crops in the game, you get to take part in RPG combat, you get to cook, fish, and whatnot. 

To save in Harvestella, the best way is to simply sleep in the game otherwise you can also save manually using the Motus Monolite. You would obviously prefer the former option, but there must still be many doubts, like, how to sleep, where to sleep, and when to sleep in the game so that you can save the game, right?

To know in detail about all the possible methods for saving your progress in Harvestella, all you have to do is read this article carefully. 

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In Harvestella How To Save Your Progress?

Currently, there have been discovered two possible ways to save in Harvestella, while one method is automatic, the other is manual. The first method requires the players to make their character sleep on the bed in Bird’s Eye Brae, and the second method requires the players to make their character use the Motus Monolite for saving the progress in the game manually. 

Let us discuss both methods of saving in Harvestella in detail so that you can easily go on with the procedure that you find more suitable in the game. 

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1. Save By Sleeping In Bird’s Eye Brae

You, as a player in Harvestella, will discover an unconscious omen after the fall of a huge crystal from the sky. Along with it will also be Cres and Dim. After that will arrive the Mayor of the Village Lethe will then agree to move the Omen to a place much better than that. 

Just as this happens, your character will automatically be teleported to the Bird’s Eye Brae and for the rest of the game, this will remain your home. 

There you will get to chat with Cres who after some time will advise your character to take a rest as it would probably be going through the effects of Quietus. 

Now, you just have to approach the bed over there and interact with it, you will find the Sleep option, click on it, and your progress in the game till now will be saved, simple as that. 

As you do this, a new day will be triggered and the game will be saved at the same time. 

Another thing to note is that it is not mandatory for your character to sleep at a particular time, however, whenever the clock in the game strikes midnight, your character will fall asleep. 

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2. Save Manually By Using Motus Monolite

Once you are done with the first part of the Dungeon map with Dianthus, you will be introduced to Motus Monolite. Then, after heading to the second part along with the Warrior as well as the Magical Unicorn, you will encounter a deactivated Motus Monolite. Here, Dianthus will explain to you that you can use this Motus Mnolite to teleport to the other Monolite existing in the same area. 

Then Dianthus will hand you over a Motus Magicite that you can use for activating the Monolite. There you will find the “Select Destination” option along with which will be the Save option. Just click on the save option and the Save Menu will open up. 

Here you can choose among the empty files where you can save your game’s progress till now. You can also overwrite a saved file. 

Wrap Up

This was all about how you can save your progress in Harvestella. If there is anything else that you would like to know about this new video game, you can tell us in the comments and we shall soon come up with another guide on the same.

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