Harvestella Walkthrough Guide 2022

Whenever a new game is released, a lot of time for the players is wasted understanding how exactly to advance in the game at a good pace. The same is the case with the latest simulation game Harvestella. This is why, we are here with Harvestella Walkthrough, or you can say Harvestella tips so that you can easily move through the gameplay. 

Some of the important things in our Harvestella walkthrough include planning your in-game day, activating Motus Monolites, repairing bridges and ladders, FARMING, crafting, Quietus, testing the jobs available, getting into combats, interacting with the locals, packing consumables, and not to forget – taking breaks. 

Let us check out in detail all the things that the players will require to do within the game on time so that they do not lack in any way in Harvestella. 

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Harvestella Walkthrough – Important Harvestella Tips

The first thing you must know about this game is that Harvestella follows an in-game day-night cycle. Thus, you need to plan out your day as to what things will be done during the daytime and what during the nighttime. Only after that, you should leave your farm. 

There are a few things that you have to do, in the beginning, you might sometimes forget, but with time you will get a hold of that in your memory. So, the things include checking mail, managing your inventory, determining the quest you will work on, then heading back home to craft new items as needed, and then selling the items in your shipping box.

Remember that this routine is not going to remain the same throughout the entire gameplay, it will vary based on where you are at in the storyline. But, you should always have the above-mentioned tasks back in your head while playing this game. 

One more thing, although there are Motus Monolites (fast travel points) that automatically get activated, there will be other ones that you will need to go approach and interact with to get them activated manually.  

Just like Motus Monolites work as checkpoints in the game, the bridges and ladders also play a similar role. You can repair the ladders even without using any resources, however, you are going to need a repair kit for bridges. 

Once you have fixed them, it will be easy for you to navigate the map by using them, and thus, you will not have to depend on a Motus Monolite. 

Farming is a crucial aspect of the game Harvestella, as the name itself suggests. Make sure that while performing the other tasks, you do not forget that you also have to farm in the game. This will include planting the crops, watering them on time, and also upgrading the farm.  Why don’t you check out the best crops to farm in Harvestella.

If you farm on time, you will have enough crops to sell and will thus generate a great income from it. Plus, you can also use many of these crops in cooking.

After getting a little through the game, you will start unlocking your ability for several items to be crafted. The first and most important item of these is a Return Bell that you can use to teleport immediately back to your farm whenever you want. 

Take care of one really important event during the game – Quietus. Quietus is a day that comes between the seasons. This means after every 30-day (in-game day) season in the game, there will be a day called the Quietus. During this period, you are going to lose all your crops so, you will have to plan your harvest carefully. 

You will also be allowed to take up several jobs in Harvestella. These jobs are important as you get unique skills through them which you can use to kill the monsters. You will learn to take advantage of the weaknesses and strengths of different monsters because they all have. 

There is a cooldown timer with all your jobs, so, do not make the mistake of button smashing during combat in Harvestella. You must use only those job skills that are apt as per the weakness of your target. 

Make sure you remember that Harvestella is a simulation game and interacting with the locals is an important part of it, though most of your time will be taken up by the tasks like dungeon crawling and farming. 

Just go to the town and chat with the locals, sometimes, this also gets you some amazing side quests or dialogue options, you should definitely not ignore chatting with them.

While coming near the end of the day in the game, you will feel a reduction in your health and stamina, so, you must have enough consumables to keep you fit and full of energy. You can get these consumables in the wild or just simply cook them using the items you farmed yourself. 

It can be anytime that you will need to restore your stamina or health, so, keep a variety of consumables with yourself every time. 

The last thing that you should keep in mind while playing Harvestella is that taking a break within the game is also important. You should not put exertion on your character all the time. The right place to take breaks is at Motus Monolites. You will be able to get this option unlocked after you have gone a few hours into the main quest. 

That’s about the main story of the game, but, you would also like to know about romance and marriage in the game, right? Then have a look at our article – Can You Get Married In Harvestella?

Wrap Up

This much information is enough for you to do well in Harvestella even if you are a beginner. If there is anything else that we find crucial from our perspective, we shall immediately update it in our Harvestella Walkthrough guide, and if you want to know something about the gameplay, let us know in the comments.

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