How Do I Turn Off Crossplay DBD On Steam? Dead By Daylight

Do you want to turn off the crossplay option from Dead By Deadlight on steam? Being the best place for players to play and create many online games, many players still don’t have any idea how to turn off crossplay for any game on steam because each game has its own different method to do so. If you are a player of Dead by Daylight, then today we are going to guide you to turn off the crossplay for DBD on steam.

Well!! It’s simple to explain the benefits of crossplay by keeping it enabled. It allows players from all platforms to join together for a single game. This means that anyone from the same or different platform can connect with you while enabling it. The same with the game Dead by Daylight. But with time, some situations will come for which you have to disable them. Let’s know how to turn off it for DBD.

You can turn off crossplay from the DBD on steam only from the main menu. With only two basic steps you can simply turn it off. 

Don’t stop reading if you want to know the entire procedure on how to turn off crossplay mode on DBD on steam in detail. 

How Do I Turn Off CrossPlay DBD On Steam?

Toggling these settings does not make much effort and is literally just a few clicks away from the home menu. In the two basic steps, we explain to you how you can turn off the crossplay option for Dead by Daylight easily.

  • Go to the options menu
  • Toggle Crossplay

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Step 1 Go To The Options Menu

There is nothing to explain in this step, you just simply have to go to the options menu of the game’s settings. At first, you will be at the home menu, and from there the options button is located at the bottom and in the center of the screen. The red box above highlights it. To access the options menu, click this button.

Step 2 Toggle Crossplay

The option to toggle crossplay can be found in the options menu just by opening it. In order to find it, scroll to the options menu button and look for the crossplay option and a checkbox next to it. Make sure this checkbox is unchecked if you wanna turn off crossplay. Alternatively, if you wanna turn off the crossplay then do check the same checkbox again.

Why There Is A Need To Turn Off CrossPlay?

The disadvantage or need to disable it is primarily one of communication. Players rarely have console extensions from which they don’t have any privilege to type quickly, so chatting the before the game is extremely rare. This means that if you have any type of objective that you wanna achieve, you won’t be able to do so, effectively with the help of other players. So, it is recommended to turn off the crossplay for Dead by Daylight or for any game.

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That concludes our today’s guide on how to turn off crossplay DBD on steam. Toggling crossplay is much more difficult in most other games. But thanks to Behavior Interactive for making it so simple for Dead by Daylight. With only two simple options, which are self-explanatory, you can turn off crossplay simply in DBD. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DBD crossplatform with PC and console?

Yes, DBD supports crossplay between PC and console. It means you can play with Xbox One players if you have a PC and vice versa.

How can you invite your PS4 DBD players to PC?

From these steps you can add your friends to the game:

  • Open Dead by Daylight
  • Locate your friend list
  • Click + icon
  • Enter your friend’s DBD Id precisely. Following that, they will have a name that begins with #.

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