How Do I Turn Off Crossplay In Smite?

There are many games that do not support the crossplay feature, so you must compromise and play those games without crossplay. Thank god, you don’t have to compromise with the SMITE, as this game is open to all gamers with crossplay support across all available platforms like- PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. 

Smite, being an online battle game only comes in multiplayer mode with cross-platform support also which makes it popular among the gaming community. Crossplay for this game is available to all players and easy to enable. A lot of players had already played the game in crossplay mode by enabling it but don’t have any idea about turning it off. So, let’s find out.

Unfortunately, PC players have no option to turn off crossplay in Smite but console players have the privilege to turn off the crossplay mode in Smite. The simple setting to turn off crossplay for console players is to Go to Settings> User Interferance> Disable Crossplay.

To understand these settings in a complete step-by-step guide, you need to read the full article which covered almost everything related to Smite’s crossplay.

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How Do I Turn Off Crossplay In Smite?

If you are a fan of  PvP modes online battle games, then Smite is for you as it gives you the privilege of multiple players vs players with many playable characters in a multiplayer mode. No need to worry about the platforms, as we have also a crossplay option for it. Crossplay is the ability to play the same game with another player on multiple platforms at the same time. 

Smite also crossplay between their all platforms. To enable crossplay, navigate to the options menu on your preferred platform and click on the user interface tab. When you get to this tab, you will notice an option to turn on crossplay. You can enable crossplay by selecting PS$, or console only. By enabling you are now allowed to play Smite with anyone regardless of the input method for the platform. Only the console players will be able to participate in the matchmaking. 

After enabling it, you need to disable the crossplay in Smite for console players which you can do by following the steps.

Steps to turn off crossplay in Smite for console

  • To turn off the crossplay feature, you must first have an active internet connection
  • Now, in the game, open the SMITE application and navigate to the main menu
  • Look for the sub-menu and after finding click on it to open it
  • Within this menu, select the user-interface option
  • You can enable the SMITE crossplay feature from this menu
  • Simply turn the toggle off to disconnect with crossplay mode
  • Return to the main menu and begin playing the game without crossplay mode
  • Toggle the same switch to turn on the crossplay option once more whenever you want to

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Smite is an online game that supports crossplay and cross-progression. You have the privilege to play the game in crossplay mode for PC but are not allowed to turn off the crossplay for PC. You only have the option to disable it for consoles only. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smite difficult to play?

Smite is a very difficult game with numerous factors influencing it at all times. There is a lot to learn about abilities, counters, and gameplay with 112 playable gods. 

Is Smite good for beginners?

Absolutely Yes. Smite is a perfect game for beginners if anyone wants to lay their hands in any battle game. This game gives you the unique experience of battle in PvP mode, with complex characters, and many more interesting things. 

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