How Do You Get Incense In Pokemon Go – 3 Ways to Obtain Incense Pots

Incense is an important item in Pokemon Go that helps the trainers to attract certain Pokemon to their location, and we often need this feature. But, if you want to use this item, you will need to find one for yourself, so, how do you get incense in Pokemon Go? 

To get incense in Pokemon Go, you can either finish specific research tasks in the game to get them as rewards, or there are also certain levels where when you reach, you are automatically rewarded with the incense pots. Also, if you can’t wait for that much, you can just simply purchase them from the in-game store of Pokemon Go.

Incense works similarly to Lures in Pokemon Go, the only difference being that the Lures attract the Pokemon to a specific location while Incense can be used to attract them to wherever the trainers want. This is why players usually prefer to apply incense in Pokemon Go especially when they cannot move further it is better to instead bring the Pokemon towards themselves. 

How Do You Get Incense In Pokemon Go? 

When you begin playing Pokemon Go, you are already given two incense pots to use in your inventory. However, once you use them out, you would want to get more incense based on the fact that they prove quite useful in luring specific Pokemon to your location. 

There are a few ways in which you can obtain incense in Pokemon Go and we shall discuss them all right here and right now. 

1. By Purchasing From The In-Game Shop

If you want to go for an effortless and direct method, then this is the one, just simply purchasing the Incense from the in-game store of Pokemon Go. 

If you need an incense in Pokemon Go that lures the wild Pokemon in your location and works for about thirty minutes, you will need to pay 40 PokeCoins in the Pokemon Go in-game shop to purchase it. 

However, if you want to directly get 8xincense, then you will require to pay 250 PokeCoins in exchange for it.  

If you don’t have enough PokeCoin and do not want to pay real money for them either, you can then also earn them by defending the gyms of your team. 

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2. Level Up Your Trainer

There are specific levels to which if you level up your game Trainer character, you get incense in the form of free rewards. These levels are: 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 35, 40, 45, and 50. Every time you proceed further in the game and reach any of these levels, you will receive the reward of incense in the game. 

Although some of the higher levels in the game are a bit tough to reach, if you keep moving and advancing forward, you will subsequently reach there and will not have to pay for anything to get the Incense to use in the game. 

3. Complete Special Research Tasks

There is another method that you can opt for if you want to get Incense in Pokemon Go and are also not patient enough to wait for reaching further levels in the game. Professor Willow will assign you such tasks and as you finish these tasks, you receive certain rewards one of them being Incense. 

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How To Use Incense In Pokemon Go?

If you already have got your Incense pot in Pokemon Go, you might want to use it now. So, here are the steps that are required to activate incense in Pokemon Go:

1. At the bottom of the screen will be the PokeBall icon, tap on it.

2. Now tap on the “Items” menu.

3. Then select the “Incense” option from there. 

4. This will display your incense pot on the main screen which you can tap and it will be immediately activated and will keep working for thirty minutes from then. 

To know that the incense has been activated successfully you can check if your character has been encircled by the purple-colored clouds, if yes, then the incense is working. 

Wrap Up 

That was all about how do you get Incense in Pokemon Go and the steps that you need to follow to activate it. If there is any other item in the game that you are troubled about finding, you may tell us in the comments and we will bring another guide for you on that.

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