Best Moveset For Xerneas Pokemon Go

Have you caught a Xerneas for yourself but are still unaware of how to make the best of it? For this, you will need to know the best Moveset for Xerneas in Pokemon Go to do well in the battles you use it in. 

There are several Pokemon that you can find and catch in Pokemon Go and each of them has its own set of moves that are powerful against the opponents. The thing is that players must know what moves these are so that the enemy doesn’t ever stand a chance during a battle. 

The best Moveset for Xerneas in Pokemon Go is Tackle and Giga Impact when it comes to offense. You get the highest DPS overall in this Moveset. As for the defensive moves, the best Moveset is Zen Headbutt and Giga Impact. 

We know that there is a lot more information that you would like to attain about the Movesets of Xerneas in Pokemon Go, and we have it all right in this article, just keep reading and get your answers. 

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Best Moveset For Xerneas Pokemon Go

Xerneas is a popular Fairy Type Pokemon that is vulnerable to the Pokemon with Poison Type and Steel Type attacks, however, is resistant to Fighting Type, Dragon Type, Dark Type, and Bug Type attacks. 

The stats of Xerneas are as follows: 

1. ATK – 250

2. DEF – 185

3. STA – 246

The best moves that you can have for your Xerneas in Pokemon Go are Tackle and Giga Impact especially when you are using this Pokemon to attack other Pokemon in the Gyms. 

This is the only Moveset that has the highest combined DPS value and works great for all PvP battles. 

Best Offense Moveset For Xerneas In Pokemon Go

Tackle – 10 DPS

Giga Impact – 42.6 DPS

Best Defense Moveset For Xerneas In Pokemon Go

Zen Headbutt – 10.9 DPS

Giga Impact – 42.6 DPS 

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Other Moveset For Xerneas Pokemon Go

You surely wish to know all the combinations of moves that a Xerneas can have in Pokemon Go, so let us go through a full-fledged list for the same. 

Fast Moves Of Xerneas In Pokemon Go

1. Tackle – Normal Type Move

2. Zen Headbutt – Psychic Type Move

Charge Moves Of Xerneas In Pokemon Go

1. Moonblast – Fairy Type Move

2. Close Combat – Fighting Type Move

3. Megahorn – Bug Type Move

4. Giga Impact – Normal Type Move

5. Thunder – Electric Type Move

Tackle is a decent fast move of Xerneas that gains enough energy for Xerneas so that it can use its best Charged moves. Zen Headbutt is also quite an impressive move that a Xerneas can use during a battle. 

If we talk about the powerful STAP attacks for Xerneas, Moonblast comes to the top of the list. This is the only move that brings a difference between Xerneas and Zacian, both of which are otherwise similar. 

However, you would often end up using another charged move because of the high cost required for the usage of Moonblast. As an alternative move, players prefer to use Close Combat because this attack also gives great coverage as well as doesn’t require that high cost to use it. 

Moreover, you can also use Thunder in place of Mooonblast, especially if you are fighting against Ho-Oh, do not prefer this move for other Pokemon. Megahorn is also an impressive move but not in the case of a Xerneas. Lastly, Giga Impact also costs a lot to use for Xerneas but the impact it gives is not worth it. 

Wrap Up

That was all, now you know all the best Movesets for Xerneas Pokemon Go and also all other moves that this Pokemon possesses in the game Pokemon Go. Make sure that you use the moves carefully and strategically whenever you use a Xerneas in a battle. If there is any other Pokemon on your mind whose moves you want to know about, you can tell us in the comments section.

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