How Does The New Pokemon Go Tracker Work?

The most recent update of Pokemon Go introduces some new methods of tracking Pokemon. With the removal of the previous “footprints” method, also known as the “sighting tracker”, it becomes important to add new trackers for Pokemon Go. But, before that, it is important to know how the new Pokemon Go Tracker work.

The “Third-Party Tracker” and the “Nearby Tracker” are the two trackers that are updated in the new Pokemon Go. How do they work? This will be explained in the article.

Well!! Nearby Tracker has been updated recently which players prefer to use a lot. But that does not mean that the second tracker is of no use anymore. It’s not like that. Every tracker is beneficial in its own way. Let’s find these out.

How Does The New Pokemon Go Tracker Work?

Here you will get a brief description of both the tractors including their working.

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How does The Pokemon Track By Third-Party Trackers

This method of tracking Pokemon is both the most accurate and the most challenging. These tools are extremely very easy to use. The moment you open the tool, Pokemon appear on the map. One of the greatest Pokemon map trackers for Pokemon Go during its early stages is PokeVision. As they take down the websites from the third party, the firm later shut them down.

Here’s the working of the Third-Party tracker

  • You must locate a Pokemon using Google’s user-generated mapping tool.
  • This map won’t show you the exact location of Pokemon, but it will show you where some of the more uncommon varieties are more likely to spawn, allowing you to hang out there.
  • User’s data is available by third-party trackers, which are available. This will show you precisely where the Pokemon are, but it is not always trustworthy.
  • You need to check Pokemap for its working
  • FastPokeMap is one of the best map trackers, used by Niantic API. It shows you the exact location of where Pokemons are.
  • By using FastPokeMap, you can able to track Pokemons easily.
  • Only this tracker works properly

How Does The Pokemon Track By Nearby Tracker?

It is considered one of the best ways to track pokemon in the app. A nearby tracker makes a list of all the Pokemon in your area, after which you have to hunt the Pokemon of your choice by going to Pokestops. 

Here’s the working of the Nearby Tracker

  • Simply click on the Pokemon you wanna track
  • Click View Button
  • After clicking, you will return to the map screen
  • The Pokestop’s location will be seen when the screen zooms in
  • If the Pokemon of your voice leaves the location before it can be picked up by you, then the app gives you a message “The Pokemon Fled! Check the nearby lists for other pokemon”.

Well!! Nearby Tracker is a bit similar to the Sighting Tracker. You might still need to look around to find it, but it’s a little less tiresome than the Sighting technique that was previously available.

Are Two Trackers Co-Existing?

Two trackers at the same time cannot be used in pokemon go. Some players claim to have both trackers, others claim to have only one. Most likely, this happens during the testing phase. Niantic described that they are testing the nearby tacker right now. You could notice some changes in the nearby pokemon UI at this time.

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Some Of The Best Pokemon Go Trackers For Pokemon Go

  • Go Tools for Pokemon Go
  • Pokemon Map
  • PokeVS
  • PokeHuntr
  • Other local Pokemon map trackers


Currently, tracking Pokemon can only be done using these two main ways. But you don’t really need to know much more than that. Your work will be done by them. Nevertheless, we have also told you some other trackers that you can use if you want to after reading their work thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PokeHuntr Tracker in Pokemon Go?

One of the maps and trackers that performs surprisingly well is PokeHuntr. They provide you with the details of the gym, such as who is in charge of the gym, and how many spots are available, and tell you the location of the raids.

Is it possible to track raids in Pokemon Go?

The Pokemon Go app’s “Nearby” tab is the greatest place to look for raid combat in-game. You will be able to tell which raid battles are nearby based on this information. 

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