How Much Does GameStop Pay For Games That You Have Used

If you are looking forward to selling your used games on GameStop, you should first be aware if it is really worth it. For this, you need to know that how much does GameStop pay for games.

GameStop is a great platform for buying and selling used games or gaming consoles. When you are done with playing a game and you no longer need it, it is better that you make some money by selling the game on GameStop. This way, someone in need of that game will get it at a reasonable price while you will also earn some money —an excellent opportunity to set aside earnings for your savings.

Now the question is, How Much Does GameStop Pay For Games? The answer is that the payment for every game you sell on GameStop varies every time based on several factors. So, there is not any fixed price that GameStop pays you for the games. 

To get a better idea of how much money you will get from GameStop for the games you are selling there, continue reading as we will discuss all the major games that you might want to sell. 

How Much Does GameStop Pay For Games?

If you are selling some popular games such as Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, or Hyrule Warriors, then GameStop will pay you about $35 for each of such games.

However if you are looking forward to selling games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, or Grand Theft Auto V, for the Xbox One console, then you will be paid an amount of $30 for these games. 

For any other merchandise, GameStop pays an additional amount of $2.50 up to $3.50 for each game. 

For the games that are older than three years, you will receive the GameStop trade-in value of probably $5 or equivalent while they will sell the same game further for $10. 

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Is GameStop A Good Place To Sell Games?

If you ever wish to sell any video game of any range and genre, GameStop will always be the best platform that you can choose. The reason is that GameStop provides you with the best value for the games you sell on the platform in comparison with any other platform that pays you for games. 

So, if you really want to receive a good amount for your used video games, then you are suggested to go for GameStop. 


How Much Do Game Stores Pay For Used Games?

If you are selling your used games on Game Stores, you will receive around $35 for the games playable on Wii U, while $30 for those supported on Xbox One. however, the used game in any other merchandise will get you an additional amount between $2.50 and 3.50 each. 

An associate will receive your used game and it will be appraised at the checkout counter as per the condition and the market demand of that game. Only after that, you will find out how much GameStop will exactly pay for your used Game. 

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Where Does GameStop Make Most Of Its Money?

GameStop earns most of the money by selling used games and gaming accessories. GameStop purchases these products at quite cheaper prices and then sells them to the customers by raising the price which gives them a great profit without any effort.

What GameStop does is that it pays less for the purchases, but as soon as it gets available for purchase, the price of the same product is increased.  

Does GameStop Buy Games For Cash?

Yes, GameStop does buy games for cash as well as on credit. It is up to you how you want to receive the payment. However,  the cash payment from GameStop is much less as compared to when you accept your payment in credit.

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How Much Does GameStop Make On New Games?

GameStop doesn’t make any good money on new games, instead, it makes most of its money out of second-hand ones. 

How Much Does GameStop Pay For Switch Games?

The payment for Switch games that you sell on GameStop will highly depend upon the kind of game and how long the game has been purchased according to which its value will depreciate. 

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Wrap Up

Being one of the largest destinations for retail gaming as well as a trade-in, GameStop is the best choice when it comes to selling games and gaming consoles. If you have any old games that you no longer find interesting or are tired of playing, then it’s time that you sell them on GameStop and make money out of them. 

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