How Much Is White Boy Rick Worth? [2024 Updated]

Do you know that the story of White Boy Rick movie is inspired by a true story? The story of the youngest FBI informant in the history of America. 

The real name of White Boy Rick is Richard Wershe Jr. who started his journey at the early age of 14 as an FBI informant. 

Now, the question stands here how much is White Boy Rick worth, you might find this information as in shock because at the age of 54, he has made nearly 0.5 million dollars. 

To know more about this amazing person, give a read to this article till its end. So, without any delay, let’s get started! 

Who Is Richard Wershe Jr.?

Richard Wershe Jr. is an American who was born on July 18, 1969, in the United States of America. His middle-class family lived 7 miles away from downtown. 

Wershe also told in one of his interviews that to become an FBI informant, he was inspired by his father Wershe Sr. 

He became an FBI informant at the age of 15, where he had to deal with many drug dealers so that their information could be passed on to the FBI. 

How Much Is White Boy Rick Worth?

We already told you that Richard Wershe’s other name is White Boy Rick. 

After becoming an FBI informant, Richard Wershe Jr. as of now their net worth has reached around $200,000. 


As a result of the research, we were able to resolve your query of how much is White Boy Rick worth and found that his total net worth as of now is $200,000. 

He is the youngest FBI informant in the history of America and he does deserve this money. 


Q1. Where does White Boy Rick live now?

Ans. The place is undiscovered or anonymous to people. 

Q2. Where does White Boy Rick’s sister live?

Ans. Richard Wershe Jr.’s sister is Dawn Wershe. There is no such exact information for this query as the information is restricted to share. 

Q3. Did White Boy Rick get any money from the movie?

Ans. The budget of the movie ‘White Boy Rick’ was $29 million but it ended up making $26 million at the box office. 

Q4. Does White Boy Rick have a child?

Ans. Yes, Richard does have a son and his name is Richard Williams by his current fiancee Michelle McDonald. 

Q5. Is White Boy Rick married or in a relationship?

Ans. He is not married yet he is engaged to her fiancee Michelle Mcdonald. 

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