How To Beat Cobalion Pokemon Go – 10 Best Counters To This Legendary Pokemon

Are you tired of battling Cobalion, the iron will Pokemon, but still haven’t figured out the right move sets to win over it? Don’t worry as today we are going to let you know how to beat Cobalion Pokemon Go through this article. 

To beat Cobalion in Pokemon Go, you will need to seek the assistance of a Fighting Type, Ground Type, or a Fire Type Pokemon because these are the ones which the Cobalion Pokemon is weak against in the game. However, knowing just this much is not good enough to beat it, you also need to know the best Cobalion counters. 

Cobalion is one of the strongest Pokemon that you will encounter in the game and that is the reason that trainers try their best to beat it and catch it. It is necessary to understand the right strategy that will let you win the battle against this Steel Type and Fighting Type Pokemon in the game.  

If you are really desperate of getting this legendary Pokemon Cobalion in Pokemon Go then your wait is about to get over as today you will get all the necessary information about Cobalion that will later help you a lot when you are up for fighting against this Pokemon in the game.

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How To Beat Cobalion Pokemon Go?

First, you need to be aware of where you will be able to find this Cobalion Pokemon, because if you can’t even locate it, how will you even be able to battle against it? So, if you want to beat the Cobalion Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you will find it only in the Five Star Raids, that is because it is one of the Legendary Pokemon in the game. 

Cobalion is a Steel Type and Fighting Type Pokemon and doesn’t have good resistance to the following types of Pokemon in the game:

1. Fighting Type Pokemon

2. Ground Type Pokemon

3. Fire Type Pokemon

So, if you are up for battling Cobalion, make sure that you use these kinds of Pokemon and none other. 

Also, remember that Cobalion is a Steel Type Pokemon which means that beginning your battle with a powerful Fire Type Pokemon in the raid will get you an upper hand in the fight, and as you proceed further in the battle, you can switch to a Fighting Type Pokemon as per the requirement you feel. 

You should also be aware of the strengths and capabilities of Cobalion in Pokemon Go so that you can prepare yourself beforehand for the battle. 

The Raid Boss CP of Cobalion is 39601, the Normal CP for catching a Cobalion in 1727, and  the weather boost Snow CP for catching a Cobalion in 2159. 

Also, here are the two possible fast moves that you will probably get to experience from the Cobalion Pokemon’s side:

1. Zen Headbutt (Psychic)

2. Metal Claw (Metal)

Furthermore, here are the three possible charged moves that your opponent Cobalion might attempt against your Pokemon:

1. Iron Head (Metal)

2. Close Combat (Fighting)

3. Stonne Edge (Rock)

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Best Counters For Cobalion In Pokemon Go

Here is a list of the best Cobalion counters in Pokemon Go that you should prefer when you land in a battle with this legendary Pokemon because such Pokemon cannot be defeated and captured using any mere Pokemon you have. 

1. Machamp

2. Groudon

3. Entei

4. Moltres

5. Lucario

6. Rhyperior

7. Conkeldurr

8. Reshiram

9. Garchomp

10. Darmanitan

All these ten Pokemon that we have suggested right above are great choices to select from in a battle against Cobalion, so before beginning the battle with this Steel and Fighting Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go, make sure that you have at least one or two Pokemon from this list otherwise you are not ready for this battle yet. 

Wrap Up

We are pretty sure that you are now better aware of how to beat Cobalion Pokemon Go so we suggest that you start preparing for the battle right from this very moment so that you are ready enough when you take part in the Five Star raid and then finally capture a Cobalion Pokemon for yourself.

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