How To Beat Latios Pokemon Go In 2022 – Time To Take Down This Legendary Pokemon

No matter how legendary a Pokemon is, everyone has their weakness and same goes with this Dragon and Psychic Type Pokemon Latios. There are a number of attackes that this Pokemon cannot handle at all, so, if you want to know how to beat Latios Pokemon Go, then this is the right page for you.

To beat Latios in Pokemon Go, you must use Ghost, Ice, Bug, Dark, Fairy, and Dragon type moves because these are the attacks which Latios shows vulnerability to. So, if you strategically use such Pokemon’s attacks, you will be able to easily take down a Latios in the raid. 

Ever since its release, Pokemon Go has gained popularity all over the world. As the players have been into the game for a certain period of time, they are now interested in beating and capturing more and more Pokemon of different categories in the game, especially the legendary ones, because this comes as a challenge to them as this is not an easy task for anyone. 

How To Beat Latios Pokemon Go?

Before setting off to beat Latios in Pokemon Go, you must first check the schedule for the Latios Pokemon in the game. The last Latios raid in Pokemon was from May 3 to May 10 so you might need to wait a little longer for the raid to occur again.

Once you get the schedule for the Latios Pokemon in the game, you should make your strategies for beating it in Pokemon Go. 

Let us see what kind of attacks is a Latios susceptible to. Since Latios and Latias, regardless of whether they are evolved into the Mega form or not, are psychic and dragon-type Pokemon, thus, no matter what form they take, you should know that they have the same weaknesses. Now the thing is to know what those weaknesses are. 

All such legendary Pokemon like Latios are prone to these types of Pokemon:

1. Ice-type Pokemon

2. Ghost-type Pokemon

3. Dark-type Pokemon

4. Bug-type Pokemon

5. Fairy-type Pokemon

6. Other Dragon-type Pokemon

So whenever you are up for initiating a battle against a Latios Pokemon, make sure to be possessing some of the best Pokemon under the categories mentioned right above and your chances of winning the battle will increase to a great level. 

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Not just this, you must also check out some of the best counters for Latios and even the Latias Pokemon that you should keep in mind whenever getting into the battle.

Best Counters For Latios With Ice-Type Pokemon

1. Maamoswine: Avalanche, Powder Snow

2. Mega Abomasnow: Powder Snow, Weather Ball

3. Jynx: Frost Breath, Avalanche

4. Galarian Darmanitan: Ice Fang, Avalanche

5. Glaceon: Frost breath, Avalanche

Best Counters For Latios With Dark-Type Pokemon

1. Tyranitar: Bite, Crunch

2. Zoroark: Snarl, Foul Play

3. Darkrai: Dark Pulse, Snarl

4. Houndoom: Snarl, Crunch

5. Absol: Snarl, Dark Pulse

6. Weavile: Avalanche, Snarl

7. Bisharp: Snarl, Dark Pulse

Best Counters For Latios With Ghost-Type Pokemon

1. Chandelure: Shadow Ball, Hex

2. Gengar: Lick, Shadow Ball

3. Origin Forme Giratina: Shadow Claw, Shadow Ball

4. Banette: Hex, Shadow Ball

Best Counters For Latios With Bug-Type Pokemon

1. Scizor: Fury Cutter, X-Scissor

2. Mega Beedrill: X-Scissor, Bug Bite

3. Genesect: Fury Cutter, X-scissor

4. Escavalier: Megahorn, Bug Bite

5. Pinsir: X-Scissor, Bug Bite

Best Counters For Latios With Fairy-Type Pokemon

1. Granbull: Play Rough, Charm

2. Glefable: Dazzling Gleam, Charm

3. Sylveon: Charm, Moonblast

4. Alolan Ninetales: Charm, Dazzling Gleam

5. Gardevoir: Charm, Dazzling Gleam

Best Counters For Latios With Dragon-Type Pokemon

1. Dragonite: Draco Meteor, Dragon Tail

2. Reshiram: Dragon Breath, Draco Meteor

3. Garchomp: Dragon Tail, Outrage

4. Salamence: Dragon Tail, Outrage

5. Rayquaza: Dragon tail, Outrage

In case you are dealing with the Mega form of Latios, forget not to make a team along with about six to seven good players to defeat that Pokemon because that’s not something you can simply accomplish alone no matter how good a collection of Pokemon you have with you. 

You should also be aware of the best move set of a Latios Pokemon in the game, which is the Luster Purge, the special charged attack of Latios and this moveset can be round out only with the heelp of the Fast Attack Dragon Breath. 

Wrap Up

This was all about how to beat Latios Pokemon Go, so, if you use the right kind of move set to counter attack the legendary Latios, no one can stop you to take it down in the bare minimum time as soon as you jump into the Latios raid.

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