How To Beat Mega Ampharos Pokemon Go 2022

This electric-type Dragon Pokemon, Mega Ampharos, is not as easy to defeat as it seems unless you are equipped with the apt guide on how to Beat Mega Ampharos Pokemon Go. We guess you have already tried enough but still couldn’t find the way to do this, but now your wait is over, if you follow our advice from this article, you will surely win over one in the game very soon. 

To beat Mega Ampharos in Pokemon Go, you need to know what kind of attacks will be the best and what are to be avoided while battling against it in the raids. Since the Mega Ampharos has a strong resistance to water, steel, grass, fire, electric, and flying-type moves, you better avoid them. The best moves to take advantage of are the Volt Switch and the Charged Beam attacks. However, there are a few other attacks that this Pokemon is susceptible to.

There is a wide range of Pokemon to defeat and capture in Pokemon Go. While some are in their original state, there are certain Pokemon that you can directly find in their evolved, that is, mega-state, just like this Mega Ampharos which becomes a combination of electric and dragon-type Pokemon, however, it becomes much more difficult to beat a Pokemon that is in its evolved state. 

But, as long as we are here for your aid, you can make this difficult task easy and defeat this Mega Ampharos in Pokemon Go in very little time as soon as you enter the raid. So, without wasting any further precious time, let us check out all you need to grasp so you can quickly beat a Mega Ampharos.  

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How To Beat Mega Ampharos Pokemon Go?

Ampharos is an Electric type Pokemon that is already evolved from Mareep and Flaaffy which are sheep-like Pokemon. This Ampharos Pokemon can further be evolved into its mega form which is then called the Mega Ampharos that gains Dragon typing while also keeping its electric-type.

However, it is not necessary that you need to evolve an Ampharos yourself to get its mega form, you can also find some that are already evolved into the Mega Ampharos. 

To find a Mega Ampharos Pokemon in the game Pokemon Go, you will need to take part in the raids within the game. Since winning over the Mega Ampharos in Pokemon Go raids can be quite challenging, it will not harm you if you be prepared by going well through the raid guide and preparing yourself for the battle beforehand. 

If it were just the Ampharos Pokemon, which is an electric-type pokemon in the game, the battle wouldn’t be that tough, but, as we are talking about the Mega Ampharos, which also induces the dragon type to this Pokemon, you need to know what are its weak and vulnerable points so that you can attack accordingly.

First, you need to know which Pokemon will suit the best to fight off against the Mega Ampharos in the Pokemon Go raid. So, it would be best if you choose the Pokemon that will get you to use Fairy, Dragon, Ice, or Ground-type attacks. 

We suggest you strictly not opt for the Water, Steel, Grass, Fire, Flying, and Electric-type move sets while battling against Mega Ampharos. 

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Let us now know about all the attacks that will give you an upper hand when you step into a battle with a Mega Ampharos in a Pokemon Go raid. 

Charged Attacks:

1. Power Gem: Rock-type

2. Dragon Pulse: Dragon-type

3. Thunder: Electric-type

4. Focus Blast: Fighting-type

5. Thunder Punch: Electric-type

6. Zap Cannon: Electric-type

Quick Attacks:

1. Volt Switch: Electric-type

2. Charge Beam: Electric-type

if you use the moves as mentioned, no one can then stop you from beating the Mega Ampharos Pokemon in the game.

Wrapping Up

This was the full-fledged detail regarding everything that you need to be aware of with reference to how to beat Mega Ampharos Pokemon Go and how you can possibly beat it in the game so that you can easily capture it. If there is any other Pokemon in the game that you are finding trouble dealing with in a battle, you can share it with us in the comments section and we will come with another guide for you to make it easy to beat that Pokemon in the game too.

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